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I grew up in New York City

Then I joined the army, where - among other things - I did health and welfare inspections in Alabama trailer parks.

city of 100k

Bro I walked past 100k people on the way to school

Please tell me more about the demographics of our country. I’m sure you have some interesting takes. Really I can’t wait to hear more.

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Why don’t you go make some sandwiches?

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You don’t have to wait

75 million Americans voted trump

9/10 were white

Right there is 67 million white people who vote the same as Clarence. Simple truth is that when this was a White country, Thomas was a centrist.

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blacks are raised with

Well if that’s the case, just go on and point me to a black society that’s thriving. There must be a bunch.

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Black pill

Black and white people create different kinds of societies.

They cannot coexist and prosper.

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I know. I’m sure at Ugly Pants Night at the country clubs in New Canaan, everyone loves Republicans.

I get it. The blacks are in their containment zones in Bridgeport and Hartford, public schools are mostly white just like your neighborhood. Thats the deal you sheep made:

Keep us away from blacks

We’ll happily pay the high tax

But the Devil always asks for more. so now your daughters can compete with men, just like their stepford mommies voted for.

I’ve been everywhere, including Connecticut.

You voted for this.

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I do hate the destructive values and degeneracy pushed by the rainbow team.

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