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Supposedly he has prayed his gay away and has reformed. I don't believe that's possible. He was and always will be A Dangerous Faggot.

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Children and the elderly have been physically forced to take the fake vaxxine.

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WASRs and steel ammo are good to go. The above poster is ignorant. Thanks for sharing OP!

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Amazon marks it up. I bought my horse paste for $5/tube from chewy.com.

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How about the official VAERS database. Or openvaers.com?

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Be sure to cook them long enough to denature the spike proteins.

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The 7% is probably monthly and your experience of 25% is yearly.

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Nicotine up-regulates the ACE/angiotensin (ANG)-II/ANG II type 1 receptor axis, and down-regulates the compensatory ACE2/ANG-(1–7)/Mas receptor axis"

"we suggest that smoking may promote cellular uptake mechanisms of SARS CoV-2 through α7-nAChR signaling"

Source: COVID-19 and Smoking. Is Nicotine the Hidden Link?, European Respiratory Journal, 2020



Nicotine may bind with the ACE2 receptor, particularly in people with COVID-19, and thus could interfere with further SARS-CoV-2-ACE2 binding

Source: A computational insight of the improved nicotine binding with ACE2-SARS-CoV-2 complex with its clinical impact, April 2020



"Daily active smokers are rare among outpatients or hospitalized COVID-19 patients. . . . Several arguments suggest that nicotine could be responsible for this protective effect thank to the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (nAChR)."

Source: Evaluation of the Efficacy of Nicotine Patches in SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19) Infection in Hospitalized Patients (NICOVID), December 2020



Nicotine may inhibit the penetration and spread of the virus and have a prophylactic effect in COVID-19 infection."

Source: Efficacy of Nicotine in Preventing COVID-19 Infection (NICOVID-PREV), February 2021



Light em if you got em!

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Flynn has also been a player in the Q stuff, however you take that.

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I only use this site on my phone and I don't see an option anywhere for DMing you or anyone. My post/comment score hasn't displayed for me in years either.

I am interested in this tech boot camp though. "Tech" can mean a lot of things so I'd like to learn more. $80-$100k/year would be a serious payout, but I could make it work.


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I 'member back when Tim Pool wasn't liked very much around her for being a fence sitting pussy that was to scared to speak the truth (if he even knows it) because he doesn't want to be deplatformed.

What changed my fellow pedes? Are you being manipulated?

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