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That’s not what they are saying though, if you read it, they specifically say the test is not looking for the flu.

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Specifically it says the test they are getting rid of can only detect covid. They want to be able to detect both flu and covid. So they aren’t really admitting anything. Just saying they want a different kind of test. But we all know the truth. There are over 100 kinds of tests currently in use. They are talking about a specific test package, but I have a feeling they are trying to distance themselves from the inaccuracies they’ve enjoyed for all this time.

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We really need to Ben including links

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Send it to the top! People keep attributing the vaccine to his death. This tells a much different story.

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Childless angry boomer white women

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He doesn’t care if he gets respect, he doesn’t care about any of it. He gets paid to be ushered around, and he finally got to be president. In his 50 years of “service” he knows full well everything is a scam, he’s just happy to be “winning”. These people are monsters.

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All the doctors will simply say, the shot was not the cause. People die of heart problems every day, of only we had a shot for those too.

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  1. Cornel University, didn’t know the cia recruits heavily there, can’t seem to find any info on this.
  2. Finger lakes famous for smuggling blacks to Canada, rum to the US, and now kids ?
  3. What speech what school?
  4. Who?
  5. Ten phase 500 year plan for the survival of the human species on Earth, in space, and on other planets and develop genetic defenses for long-term human space travel.
  6. Mason brothers’ risky Racine COVID test lab? What’s this have to do with anything?
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Please answer these questions

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His hysterics will save him, not one thing will happen to hero fauci for he stood up to evil bad bad rand

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True, the entire left thinks he’s a hero, and applaud him for standing up to evil Rand.

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That smug fag with his 9/11 pin

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