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wow an olympic trial lmfao

i'm soooo impressed

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how half of the group a minority?

she is so dumb

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your mistaking vigilance for fear

we fear God and God only around here

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never lie

I am not afraid to say I am not vaccinated

I fear no consequences but the consequences I may face from having a weak faith

I fear God and God only

If asked, I will loudly proclaim, no I am not vaccinated. I will never get vaccinated with this rushed, untrustworthy, vial of who-knows-what

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idk what GA goes on about

all I know is that we need to focus on ACTION

it is great to reach conclusions and make connections about the real world


show up to your town hall, show up to your school board meetings, MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD BY THOSE WHO CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE

Better yet, be the one to step up and make the difference. Get involved.

Doom if you want, but if leftists can change our country through politics - SO CAN WE

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concluding remarks from the article

Based on the importance of ACE2 as a counterbalance to the deleterious effects of Ang II, the loss of ACE2 and Ang(1-7) may be detrimental to the organism. Surprisingly, little is known about the effect of SARS-CoV-2 virus binding to ACE2 and how the viral binding on this receptor may modulate the ACE2 enzymatic activity impact its role as a “survival factor.” Critical questions that are yet to be answered include: (1) What effect does SARS-CoV-2 binding to ACE2 have on its enzymatic activity, and on its protective actions toward lung epithelial cells and lung injury? (2) What effect(s) does SARS-CoV-2 infection of lung epithelial cells/endothelial cells have on ACE2 expression in the lungs and other organs? (3) Do known inhibitors or activators of ACE2 have any effect(s) on the binding of SARS-CoV-2 to the ACE2 receptor and/or infection of lung epithelial cells? Regardless, these are questions of fundamental importance to our understanding of SARS-CoV-2 biology that need to be answered soon.

so we dont even fully understand essential aspects of this virus, yet we are pushing people to get a vaccine for it


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no way am I dating any girl who ever gets the "vaccine," I just like to point that out. Women need to know that there will also be social consequences to being a cuck.

The most obvious concern would be that the "vaccine" could affect her fertility. We don't know for sure of the full scale of any side effects nor do we even know of all of the possible side effects yet - that alone is terrifying.




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if he is a US House rep, ask why the gop does not respect the voice and opinions of normal Americans.

Why are normal Americans being falsely painted as insurrectionists simply for voicing their opinion and peacefully protesting, and even being murdered for doing that by a government employee.

Ask why the GOP is not offering a substantive platform that advances American interests and our civil rights that are given to us by God.

Ask why we do not have our freedom protected by our government

If it is a local rep in the state govt, ask for an audit. Ask for a pro-America school curriculum and a ban on any radical ideologies from being taught in our classrooms (CRT, feminism) and that any teachers who teach this sick ideologies be fired. Ask for laws that will make it a requirement for lesson plans to be 100% transparent and available for all parents to see.

That's a start.

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I don't think President Trump is even sure about running and winning a third time

2024 is a long way away, and I'm not making any decisions anytime soon

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i should buy a bucket of paint or two and go around nyc subways lol

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equity is a term that should never be used when discussing any rights or liberties

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If there is proven fraud, biden does not remain in office

it is not allowable

be ready to be loud and rowdy, pedes.


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I get that. I just assumed they would still meet between now and the end of the year

it's a whole six months lol

It's not a fulltime job, just thought they would meet once a month, every other month, or something to that effect

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