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I wouldn't expect young firemen to know it's an old actress at point of initial contact.

True. I could have worded it better. She would have had the sheet draped on her regardless but I am sure someone figured out who she was at some point.

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You are the first one to recognize the name.

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He reported you for that? Seriously?

Abusing the deport or report feature can get you banned.

People posting stupid shit (forum sliding) and abusing report features need to be banned.

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Yeah this is retard level q-anon shit. The video was fucking stupid.

She had cotton sheet draped on here for medical AND privacy reasons since she was an actress.

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So, fuck off with your lies about how red states are a drain on the rest of the country.

This a point bandied about on Reddit and other such sites as an attempt at a "gotcha" without expanding the big picture.

How much aid does California suck up every year for wildfires alone because they are retarded and don't do controlled burns?

"The Camp Fire in Northern California was the deadliest and most destructive, killing 88 people, destroying more than 18,500 structures, and costing an estimated $15 billion. In all, 2018’s wildfire season burned 8.7 million acres, far surpassing the 10-year average burn area of 6.8 million acres per year. The total cost was a staggering $24 billion, primarily from the destruction of homes and infrastructure, along with firefighting costs. The 2018 wildfire season overtook 2017 as the most expensive, and the two years together caused an unprecedented $40 billion worth of damage."

That is just two years worth and JUST for wildfires.

Lets add in insane commies policies, trash media coming out of Hollyweird, etc.

California is a net drain on the US and society in general.

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Depending what version of his story he is telling he has like 8 jobs at any given time which is a lot for supposed 70 to 80 year old.

I think he just bullshits in general and judging by the amount of downvotes every time he posts other people are catching on.

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has not seen "disinformation" like this since before "attack on capitol" on January 6th

Fuck MSNBC and the propaganda machine.

Both of these people need to felch a rat.

Also laughing my ass off at the quotes they included.

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Two Week Wendy strikes again.

Still waiting on you to do what you said you would, Wendy Rogers. Remember that?

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He never does but that doesn't stop him from shitposting all over the place.

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we’ve (Cali, Ari, NM and Texas) have all dealt with illegals crossing for decades

Yup. People complaining about bussing them further in do not understand they are going to disperse anyway and the border states are beyond full of illegals and fed up with this shit.

Also hello fellow border state pede!

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So just let them into Texas where they will eventually be dispersed anyway due to "charity" and "ngo" and Catholic churches and charities moving them?

I can assure you Texas is full of them. We don't want anymore. Let them infest the liberal areas and neighborhoods that vote for this shit.

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They are cherry picking verses and presenting them out of context. Being a Christian does not mean you cannot defend yourself or others or to be a doormat. IIRC you are called to defend and help widows, orphans. those that cannot help themselves.

Or in this case-refusing to serve justice to those who knowingly pushed a poison "vaccine" that leads to death.

I guess these people posting these verses out of context would willingly let themselves or their families be killed or herded into cattle cars or something.

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Thank you for that. So tired of people posting Bible verses out of context or without any explanation.

Being peaceful with men as much as you can does not mean being a doormat or letting evil run rampant or in this case-refusing to serve justice to those who knowingly pushed a poison "vaccine" that leads to death.

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Have you never in all of your Christian years stop to think that the story of Samson and the story of Hercules is incredibly similar????

Yes. Matter of fact whole courses are taught about this at Theology and Bible schools and even online. It is called 'Comparative Religion"

Quite frankly you sound like an edgy 14 year old that just figured out what existentialism was.

Your thoughts are nothing new. Nor is the groundbreaking "theories" you just presented.

We get it. You don't like Christians and God. You don't believe in either One.

I am going to go ahead and just leave this thread as these "conversations" become very tiresome and I am just done with them in general.

I try to politely engage in discourse in good faith and edgelords just sling half-ass insults because they are angry at the world because (insert reason).

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How do you explain him disagreeing with Jesus?

The law was not annulled. Jesus came to fulfill it. After His death and resurrection it was fulfilled.

The ultimate sacrifice was paid by Jesus. Done.

Roman 7:6

Deals with the issue of the law being good and just and humans being the issue.

"Paul has rejected the claims of his critics that he believes the law itself to be sinful. Instead, he wrote in the previous verse that the law introduced him to sin. He learned, in a formal sense, what it means to covet another person's possessions from the law of Moses (Exodus 20:17; Deuteronomy 5:21). Now he describes how sin took advantage of that command to cause him to become covetous.

Two ideas are at work here. One is that human beings are naturally rebellious in our sinfulness. As soon as we hear about a legal restriction, we want to break it. The very existence of a law provokes us to want to sinfully cross that line. In that sense, the mere existence of the law is something our sin nature will use to encourage us to sin.

The other idea is this: God's law shines a spotlight into our hearts that allows us to discover the existence of sins we didn't even know about before. They were still sins, and they were still in our hearts, but the law reveals them to us. This relates to Paul's earlier comments about how without a law there is no "trespass," though there is still sin."

The answers to your other questions are there if you are to look and I hope you do.

Stirring the pot, cherry picking verses out of context and spouting historical inaccuracies do nothing to help your cause.

And speaking of your "cause" I don't go to Atheist or Anti-Theists sites and crap on their threads. The fact that one would do that here is bizarre and bemusing as all are welcome and we know there are large number of Christians here.

Which leads me to the last point:

I will help you burn pedophiles and communists out of our homeland but I'll never buy into your religion.

Great. Nobody on this site cares ( in the general sense) if you are an atheist. Just like nobody cares if you are vegan. Why you feel the need to tell everyone is (as I said above) bizarre. Just go be a atheist vegan in peace.

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The Egyptians were brewing beer before your god existed.

Yeah that's my point. Mesopotamia was brewing beer before that.

You said Egypt and now it is Mesopotamia. So which one is it?

Mesopotamia is and was largely Iraq.

An ancient culture brewing beer does not disprove God existing. That is quite a large leap to make.

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Masks are an Asian commodity it seems

Yep. From SE Asia to China they were wearing masks waaaaay before covid.

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It is some faggot chinese. They are all over reddit and other media ready to shut down any criticism of their shitty ass country.

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It seems the Bible disagrees with you. Or at the very least it illustrates one of the reasons we atheists often get frustrated with religion. It's inherently contradictory.

Bible or religion? Honest question.

The passages you quoted are completely out of context.

Matthew 6:6 deals with those that were more concerned with looking pious and praying in public for attention (Pharisees etc). If you feel you cannot pray in public without "performing" or whatnot than better to pray in private. God can hear you either way.

Mark 11:24

Jesus has killed a non-fig-bearing fig tree as an illustration of the coming destruction of a religious system which has stopped bearing spiritual fruit for those who worship God. He and the disciples are standing on the Mount of Olives. They are looking at the Temple Mount, where for generations Jews have brought sacrifices for their sins, in order to be right with God so He can hear their prayers.

Jesus is not endorsing the modern Word of Faith movement. Nor is He suggesting that God operates as a cosmic vending machine, doling out wishes. Believing that God will answer our prayer is not a spell that we place on God so He must give us what we want. The context of the promise of prayer is God's ordained ministry, if we ask with the right intentions (James 4:1–3) and within God's will (1 John 5:14–15). The Bible promises "if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him" (James 1:5). If we pray for wisdom first, and ask in God's will, we will receive what we ask for. If we ask without wisdom, we won't ask according to His will, and have no reason to expect such a request to be granted.

John 15:7 deals with similar issues

Context for Jesus' statement not only comes from the immediate passage, but also from His other comments about prayer. Jesus has referred to the idea of "abiding in" Him, referring to those who are truly connected to the True Vine, and who bear spiritual fruit as a result (John 15:1–6). Surrounding context for this implies those who are truly born-again believers.

At the same time, Jesus refers to those in whom His words "abide." That implies the same deeply rooted, intimate, life-giving relationship as between the vine and branches. In other places, Jesus clearly connected fulfilled prayer to the will of God the Father (Matthew 6:10; 26:39). When a person's prayer is wholly, entirely aligned with the Word and will of God, that person is legitimately praying "in the name" of Christ (John 14:13–14).

This is not, then, a license for believers to treat God like a cosmic robot, or a vending machine. Bearing spiritual fruit only comes when we "abide" in the power of Christ, and answered prayer only happens when what we pray is part of the will of God.

I hope this help clears it up. I don't think I will be commenting more on this as I do not want it to devolve into debate or argument of any kind. Those never do any good.

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