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Which tells you how easy things will be if the citizens can ever reach the point to just do it.

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I would have told that bitch “hand me your smartphone because that’s white culture. And turn off the electricity in here and don’t use the toilets. That’s all white culture.” Dumb POS.

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Upwards of 40 years?? I am ashamed of this country and society right now. Fuck our garbage ass institutions. These people need our help badly.

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Well I mean if only your daughter had to grow up without her privilege and go through the struggles of say, Lebron James’s or Barack Obama’s children.

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And it’s no big deal. They will live. Whites are by far the world minority so non whites have plenty of places to piss off to if they don’t like us.

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And you’re fine the way you are. Unless you’re killing, raping, assaulting, etc. then you’re not making the world any worse. Remember, diversity is not our strength.

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Very true. And I’ve seen some examples of this in my own life. Known several white/Hispanic girls who at one point had a black boyfriend. But then eventually settled down with a white dude. So much for the whole “once you go black” bs lol.

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This is a red pill that many still don’t get. Not taking anything away from trump, but he is not the one. We won’t be saved by the guy in a suit riding around in a private jet and with a security detail. The one who will lead us will need to be much more hardcore than that.

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Are any of our federal agencies not completely worthless?

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They’re missing out. And this is coming from a 32 year old.

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Why do you say this? Genuinely curious but it would be cool if true. But like for example I see the offspring on there…who are most certainly not based.

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Best part is knowing these douchebags are on here seeing how bad they’re getting clowned lol.

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You didn’t? Lol he’s been retarded at least since the 90’s.

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Lol yeah I’m looking at this post going “uh…ever heard of Washington? Jackson? Jefferson?”

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This would be an awesome shirt.

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“Dude we’re today protecting people and freedoms and shit. We’re so badass”

-these clowns, probably

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