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Terrorism Bulletin: The Federal Government is going to continue to behave in a post-Constitutional manner. This will piss people off.

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Sideshow Betty.

Baghdad Buckwheat.

Jigaboo Goebbels.

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Both of these people are empty suits and sock puppets. Both did what they were told. The real enemy is The Cabal that controls these two.

The Deep State Cabal would easily throw these two under the bus if it was convenient.

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I lost respect for doctors and teachers during COVID. They're not independent thinkers who love what they do. They are just in it for the paycheck.

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All we need to know about Alaska is that picture of Murkowski being punked by Diane Feinstein. It looked like DiFi was about to penetrate her with a strap-on.


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The FBI is no different than the KGB and Nazi SS. They're the secret police for the organized crime bosses who call themselves "elected officials" in DC.

There hasn't been a legitimate election since they learned they can cheat with the census and stuff ballot boxes.

We were all somewhat fooled by their clever PR campaign where they pay for shows on network TV that portray their agency as a benevolent entity. They've been corrupt since their inception. It exists to protect the Deep State from the will of the people.

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The media doesn't report the news. They transmit orders.

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No, the media is telegraphing the steal. They always do this to acclimate the public to it so no one finds it strange when it happens.

They did it in 2020 with the "Red Mirage" story that Trump would win on election night and that counting mail-in ballots would take weeks and Biden would win once those ballots were counted. No explanation of why mail-in ballots would take that long to count or why Biden had an advantage with mail-in ballots. We were just supposed to believe it .

They also acclimated the public to a vehement challenge by Trump by saying he would not accept the results of the election. Biden was never asked that question.

So watch out. The Dems always telegraph their fraud via the media. They want to condition the public to the possibility, no matter how remote. They're going for it again.

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The FBI refuses to say whether or not Ray Epps was an asset. So, sorry, don't believe you.

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They are overweight hood rats and trailer trash who love the "prestige" of a government job. Persecuting enemies of the Deep State funds their lifestyle. That 4BR 2.5 bath McMansion in a Virginia suburb. The fishing boat. The Cadillac Escalade. The pension.

Then they watch the news and see people call them heroes. No different than the Brownshirts in Nazi Germany.

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Rush Limbaugh would call this "A random act of journalism."

The Deep State learned after the CIA "enhanced interrogation" scandal that they needed assets in the media to run cover for them. That's why we now have a media that carries the water for the Deep State.

The poor fella that sent that tweet is being raked over the coals and will probably get audited by the IRS.

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The FBI is supposed to serve the citizens of the US. But they are the Beltway Brownshirts.

They should feel threatened. The agency needs to be pulverized and scattered to the wind.

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Hugging a friend? Yeah right. His anus was hugging his friends dick. This is an STD that the faggot spread through gay sex and bestiality.

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I know you hate Obama, but he's a puppet just like Biden.

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They stole an election in the dead of night and essentially criminalized any dissent over it.

Why are you surprised? The thing about a lie is that the liars have to tell even bigger lies to cover their tracks. They raided Project Veritas and Rudy Giuliani. So of course Trump was next.

The FBI is operating like dirty cops protecting a mob family. This time the family is the Biden Crime Family. The FBI has become the very monster they were created to eradicate.

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But, muh pension! The rank and file are former hood rats and trailer trash happy to have a stable government job with prestige. They're making more money than they ever have. Why would they jeopardize it?

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