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No. Not enough nurses to appropriately staff floor beds means admitted patients boarding in the ER. The ER then has that many beds less to see patients in. The waiting room then gets backed up. People then can wait 12,14,16+ hours to be seen. They are still good at identifying the sickest people but when there are a lot of people waiting this long then shit will get overlooked. Bad things definately happen. It would sicken you if you actually knew.

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Here is my situation.

I want to fuck girls.

Most are self entitled and delusional that being overweight and opinionated qualifies as attractive these days.

Now I could not be so thirtsy that I waste my time with these types.

But... I'd rather justify banging blue haired vegans and single moms for the sake of getting my dick wet.

Why? Because I'm a faggot that lacks self respect and I'm too lazy to put in real work. I'll use condoms though and make sure I don't get any of them pregnant. When I actually do want children though I'll make sure it's with a big tittied Amish girl that has never been on social media and still a virgin.

How does this strategy sound?

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If this doctor is so concerned then he/she needs to come out and say it. Hiding behind anonymous complaints shows either a lack of conviction or a lack of truth.

In this case it's a lack of truth. GSW are not common outside of urban ERs. Any critical GSW is not waiting for anyone reagrdless of what they are there for. Ivermectin has a wide margin of clinical safety. There is not significant amounts of patients showing up ivermectin overdoses.

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Similar happened to my brother-in-law at Lowe's. Crackhead just pushes a cart with a pressure washer right out the door. Employees apparently aren't supposed to actively stop shop lifters so they just follow him into the parking lot yelling at him. He ignores them and pushes the cart out to his car. My brother in law initially just stared at the spectacle as the dude was struggling to shove the big ass box into the backseat of a small car. My brother in law then realizes no one is doing shit about it so goes over. It's obvious by that time that the box isn't going to fit through the back door. My brother is amused but also fucking irritated. He detains the guy after a minor scuffle. Police then come and arrest him. The Lowe's employees thanked him profusely. He's a plumber and is in there all the time. He doesn't have a contractor account but they now give him 10% off.

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"But it's just a clump if cells" you liberal faggot.

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Yeah but don't implement any type of voting system on a blockchain. . . If you did that then any person could reliably audit any vote within minutes.

Seriously fuck these people.

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CNN does whatever their marching orders are. You should be asking why they are doing this. Do you really think they just suddenly found a shred of objectivity?

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Is to too late for me to love to CA for the recall vote?

I mean if someone did this thinking it was their duty remove Trump can't I do the same to remove Newsome so Elder can re-open the state?

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Duke, UNC, Cone Health, Wake Forest in North Carolina are already short hundreds of nurses at this moment. That's hundreds PER health system, not collectively.

They all anounced their vaccine mandates at the same time to try a deter their staff from going to neighboring hospitals. The mandates are coercion and they all colluded together on it.

They publically acknowledged the policies would make more people leave but "it's the right thing to do." This is despite them not being able to staff their facilities to meet demands of their communities even before these mandates go into place. Their ERs have 10,12,14+ hour wait times. Care is suffering in these areas.

by V2021
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They counted all the flu cases as COVID. That's why it peaked when they did and dropped off when it did. It rode the trajectory that influenza cases predictably do every year. Look at COVID cases per day this past year. Rises starting in November, peaks around January and then declines until around May.

That's why we saw essentially no flu this year. The CDC admitted as much in one of their statements withdrawing EUA from tests that didn't distinguish between the two. The rates of COVID now are probably accurate. Who the hell knows what they were previously.

by V2021
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No. Don't share this unless you want to look like a moron. Ever heard of flu season? It runs roughly from November to May. Without ever seen a graph from any other year I can tell you they look similar.

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jab wouldn't have mattered. wouldve had to put a harpoon on the syringe to get it intramuscular.

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Highly doubt your an ER doctor. If so, you're a douchebag. Who the fuck keeps referring to "my ER" and to the "lives I've saved"? Very few. Any competent EM physician can do your job. With so many being pumped out of residencies these days you're increasingly more expendable. Just for the sake of self preservation you'd be wise to be less of a prick.

Shitty people remain so regardless if they're sick or not. I haven't found that acuity of illness correlates all that well with how grateful a patient actually is.

I also disagree that most come in for bullshit. Most aren't sick but that's not the same thing.

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Why are you calling this guy a suspect?

Man walks into police station. He admits to drowning his child. Child then found in icy water. People that actually give a shit are placed in danger by going into icy water to try and save her.

Stop with the bullshit due process virtue signaling.

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As a physician, I can say this is pretty damn accurate. Health systems are enormous bureacracies. Gone are the days of your family doctor making house calls and working independently.

As a patient your protection is your autonomy in your medical decision making. This is increasingly coming under attack though by government and private institutions. They don't have the same obligations. For example, a hosiptal can't force a patient to get a vaccine. That same hospital can require their employees to get it or be fired. It's purely coercion but they're legally allowed to. It's the same way a governor can claim emergency powers to mandate all kinds of bullshit.

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ER doctor here. I don't give a shit.

Patient's have autonomy of their medical decisions. If you don't believe in that or have disdain for them then do something else. Also, the hatred these people have extends well beyond someone else's vaccine status.

With regards to dating women, no guy gives a shit what a woman does for a living. They do though and project that onto us. Men don't give a fuck what school a woman went to. We don't care about how many degrees they have or what they are in.

Be attractive and be pleasant. That's it. We will fuck just about anything but settle down with women that compliment our goals or at the very least have enough sense to stay the fuck out of our way and not create more work.

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Who said anything about talking to them? Since when is finding someone intelectually stimulting criteria to fuck them?

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Who gives a shit if Sweden kneeled? It's not their national anthem.

I'd rather cheer for the hot blondes than the purple haired dykes anyways.

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This never happened. It's sanctimonious bullshit.

She is a hospitalist. The only thing this fat cunt is intubating is her own throat with milkshakes.

She isn't managing ventilated patients as a hospitalist so wouldn't be declaring them dead.

I've intubated hundreds of people. Patients simply don't say things like that right before they're intubated.

Even in her fucked up fantasy world what kind of heartless bag of shit tells people "It's too late" right before they're placed on a ventilator?

In a just world the medical board would strip her license for using patients' suffering for propaganda

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Fuck this bitch and this made up bullshit. This is pure propaganda and she is taking advantage of people that don't know enough to see through her nonsense.

This cunt is a hospitalist. She isn't intubating anyone. She isn't even going to be at the bedside when it happens. Space at the bedside is scarce during an intubation and someone not actively involved (person actually intubating, nurse pushing meds, respiratory therapist, etc) isn't going to just be standing there holding the patient's hand.

I've intubated hundreds of people. Whatever the underlying cause is, patients don't talk like this. It just doesn't happen. Often times patients are so sick at this point that they aren't even comprehending what you're saying very well. They are often too short of breath to talk at all. If they are talking it's something like "I can't breath" or "Am I going go be ok?" Air hunger is very fucking scary. You feel like you're drowning. The only thing you are thinking about it your next breath. You're not thinking about god damn COVID vaccine as if it's magically going to save you.

Even in her fucked up fantasy land she is telling patients that "It's too late"? Fuck you lady. You don't do this to people. You reassure them. "You're going to be fine." "We're giving you medications to make you comfortable and you're not going to remember."

When we intubate we're giving sedatives and medicine that paralyzes you temporarily. What kind of heartless bag of shit would make the last thing someone hears right before they lose consciousness "It's too late."?

She isn't pronouncing these people dead either. As a hospitalist she isn't managing ventilated patients. The critical care service is. She isn't pronouncing people dead that are no longer under her care.

None of this ever happened. It's complete bullshit. She's completely making shit up and using patients for propaganda. The worst person is a woke physician.

Additionally, this woman is a fucking heifer. She is not a healthy example for the patients she cares for. Isn't obesity a risk factor for bad outcomes from COVID Dr Doughnuts? As a healthcare professional myself I feel a responsibility to tell you to not be such a lard ass. How about you spend less time typing up drivel like this and spend some of it on a treadmill. Stuffing your face isn't a healthy way to cope with your shitty life.

I don't wish any ill will on this woman. She clearly has enough problems. I just hope people can see through her sanctimonious garbage.

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