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I've met plenty of Asians - and NONE of them needed my help in despising black people...

They were racist or based AF.

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You're not going to get Trump elected if censorship queens working for the democrats at every internet company can silence him

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Billionaire managers: "If they focus on bullshit racism, they will never unionise and complain about working conditions" :

There's a leaked internal Amazon memo showing an inverse relationship between their "diversity index" and risk of unionising.

This stuff really kicked off after occupy Wall Street (yes, it existed before that, but the next level mainstream amplification locked in around ~2012)

But whether it's a cynical ploy by transnational corporations or not, the damage is real.

(Even minimal mobilisation by whites would scare the crap out of them though. A White Week of Absence for eg)

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2024: The IRS will probably be 'randomly' auditing all of Babylon bee staff over a $600 gallon of milk purchase

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Zuck is playing 4d chess - he publicly banned his employees from saying 'all lives matter' because the only way you get $100 billion from stealing people's data is by keeping them distracted and fighting

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Any device these days is capable of recording all day long.

Teachers should be recorded every time they are potentially brainwashing our kids.

They are not the parents.

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They have too many muslim terrorists - so they arrest innocent white people for 'domestic terrorism'


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They never live near minorities nor speak to them.

Their only knowledge of them is from reading white fragility or other communist propaganda like reddit.

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Back when Bill Clinton was president, there was a major effort to push even more Affirmative Action on the U.S. military. No doubt, Hillary wanted women to be fighter pilots and to do everything that men did. The Roman legions did not include Amazon battalions. The British and French empires did not send women out to fight. Neither did the Prussians, nor the U.S. military until political correctness set in. You could argue that this tradition goes back tens of thousands of years as hunting parties involved the men of the tribe going out with their weapons to kill often dangerous prey.

An article by Walter Williams reports “Remember Navy Lt. Kara Hultgreen who was killed attempting to land her $38 million F-14A Tomcat fighter on the USS Abraham Lincoln? The Navy’s official public report was the crash ‘was precipitated by a malfunction of the left engine.’ Questions about pilot error were greeted with charges of sexism. ABC’s Peter Jennings said there had been a ‘vicious campaign against allowing women to serve in combat.'”

Who exactly wants women to serve in combat? Is this yet another goal of the Globalists? One of the great traditions of Western civilization has been not to risk the lives of women.

The article continues “According to John Corry’s summary in the American Spectator (June 1995) and a report of the Center for Military Readiness (CMR), the government and media version of Lt. Hultgreen’s accident is part of the continuing saga of government deceit and media complicity. But here’s what really happened.”

“On approach to the USS Abraham Lincoln, Lt. Hultgreen made five major errors and ignored repeated wave-off signals by ship’s landing officer. One of those errors caused the F-14A’s left engine to stall, sending the plane out of control, because Lt. Hultgreen mistakenly jammed on the rudder…”

“Documents obtained by Elaine Donnelly, director of CMR, shows that Lt. Hultgreen not only had subpar performance on several phases of her training but had four ‘downs’ (major errors), just one or two of which are sufficient to justify the dismissal of a trainee.”

So Hultgreen should have been washed out of the flight program, but pressure from the Clinton administration led to standards being lowered so that she could “pass” the flight training.

Hillary Clinton was not pleased by this biggest failure in female aviation since Amelia Earhart so the government started lying about it to cover it up. The engine was blamed for the stall even though it was well known that certain maneuvers like the ones Hultgreen was attempting to correct for a bad approach could lead to a stall.

Nine male pilots were then used in ground simulators to try to prove that no one could survive the same situation. Of course, this necessitated making a bad approach to the carrier in the first place and ignoring the signal from the ground controller to abort the landing. The pilots were also told to ignore the “Bold Face” protocols that were written to avoid a disaster. I’m surprised the male pilots didn’t have one arm tied behind their backs and blindfolds put on them. Not too surprisingly, eight of nine pilots crashed, but one amazingly survived. The Clinton regime of course used this to try to “prove” it could happen to anyone (or almost anyone who ignored safety protocols).

The final order from the ground controller as the plane rolled out of control was “Eject, eject!” The weapons officer in the back seat of the F14 complied with that order immediately and survived the crash, but Kara Hultgreen delayed ejecting for 0.4 seconds by which time, the F14 had rolled upside down and she slammed into the water and was killed.

We need to put political correctness in the rear view mirror and stop lowering standards for elite military units just so radical feminists can claim that one or two female fighter pilots or Navy Seals “proves” that the genders are equal.

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The US Navy famously allowed an unqualified woman to become a fighter pilot. Because of pressure from democrats to push women into fighting roles.

Unfortunately she was actually incapable of landing the plane and crashed.

Female "Top Gun" should include her story....

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That's the only explanation that makes sense -

This is why Kamala was raising funds for their bail

Why the press regarding them is always so positive and obviously bullshit

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It was used by many youtubers to collect superchats if they are banned from youtube from collecting superchats for being too spicy

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