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High guy posting strikes again my bad

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Interesting, got a link ?

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China knows what it’s doing, they refused to schedule a release date to go along with the worldwide marketing campaign currently occurring for the movie. It’s not like the parent company is going to redo a marketing campaign in China for a movies that is already at a loss

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“ Mongolians today, and in Genghis’ time, were mostly lactose intolerant. Yet, milk and cheese were (and are still) a staple of the Mongol diet. This is because of the process through which Mongolians drink their milk– fermentation. Mongols didn’t consume raw milk, but would let it ferment first, and then drink it, or let it further ferment into cheese and yogurt. Bacteria digests lactose in the fermentation process, allowing lactose intolerant populations used to a milk diet consume them without problem”

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Use signal or telegram app ; the receiver must have the app as well. If you are using telegram, make sure to start a “private chat”. Signal messages are automatically encrypted

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I don’t get it why did you repost what I posted 20 hours ago lol

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Tulsi Gabbard is just as anti gun as every leftist, and this guy is a John McCain Obama loving clown. Idgaf if he donated to Georgia “Republicans”. Dude is not as much on our side as John McCain was.

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What happened to BRCC? - they said they didn’t support Rittenhouse when he was pictured wearing a shirt with their company name and their employees donate to ACT Blue.

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No BRCC are cucks, this company just posted that Kyle Rittenhouse is a hero on July 4th, which caused me to read their Twitter. The Democrat complaint that they isolated half their potential customer base was in response to their Rittenhouse supporting tweet.

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It’s the same one that supported Kyle Rittenhouse on Independence Day. These people seemed based. I have no dog in this fight, just call a company based when I see it.

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