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So what if he delivered California to democrats forever? He defeated muh Soviets

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I leave you fuckheads alone for an hour and come back to this, what does this mean ?

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Hey these are called GPNVG-18 (Ground Panoramic Night Vision Goggle). The cardinal difference of this NVG from the others is the presence of four separate EOP, two for each eye. Two Central EOPs are directed forward, while two more are directed outward from the center. This innovative solution allowed to expand the scope of the review to 97 degrees.

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ya let's make up a false reality because they're making up a false reality,

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No. The pics were lifted from the account of reddit User Apprehensive_Ad_995, and he is still very much alive; he is also commenting how the pictures are him and are being used.


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0 evidence pics circulating are accurate. Abbot says hes a citizen; democrat lawmaker says he born in North Dakota. I haven't seen any evidence of him being an illegal besides hearsay.

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Because it’s a town of 16,000 and they probably wanted every available man? I’m not defending the government with this post; only that we lose credibility citing things with no evidence.

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No evidence it's a tranny or illegal... when we do this shit we look like Q anon clowns

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This is an important day because companies haven’t been so scared of the backlash that they cancel it in less than <24 hours from what I recall.

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An archeologist 200 years later: "The strong cheek bones tell us this is a male skeleton".

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1,200 died out of hundreds of millions of doses. I’m pure blood but there’s a reason there’s no sauce on this fake and gay burger.

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