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"Dey shouldnt been defending dolllllar gen'al"

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It was a gradual process you peabrained faggot

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Fuck that. I am going to ensure my kids have enough and if I saw a shelf full I would buy every last bottle.

That's called being a good parent.

And I can sell the excess on Facebook marketplace for college fund.

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Yup lady filming just seething WIC only covers one or two at a time.

I'd buy the entire store out.

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Shut up bitch. Just because WIC only lets you buy one at a time? Don't hate on people who pay for shit themselves and plan ahead.

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Imagine thinking that's a thing.

Homos fuck kids.

God says homos are not part of the faith.

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I don't use Grift social. I prefer to be able to name those who control me, IE: Jews and Faggots. The only place I can do that, is Gab

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