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They're aware, they just approve of it because it's being used against people they don't like.

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So, basically any small Midwestern town?

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This is not true. Swanson TV dinner was sold to Campbell (the soup company) in the mid 1950s. His step mother (who would have received the inheritance from this sale when her own father passed) who married Tucker's father had nothing to do with it.

And it's even more dubious that a step child would have access to any inheritance she may have gotten from her (his step mother's) father when he sold it.

So to be clear.

  • 1899 Swanson foods is created

  • 1949 Carl Swanson dies, company is handed to his two sons

  • 1955 they sell it to Campbells

  • 1961 The Father of Patricia Caroline Swanson, who would someday be Tuckers step mom dies and leaves his 1/2 of the remaining fortune to be split between her and her brother.

  • 1979 Tucker's father marries Patricia Caroline Swanson daughter of one of the two that sold to Campbells (her third marriage).

She is still alive.

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It's good in that it gets the lazy fuckers off their assess. The powder keg won't spark until masses of people are homeless, jobless, hungry, hopeless and most importantly ANGRY.

Then, maybe... just maybe... we will be motivated enough to fix this.

Until then we sit on our asses drinking BUD light and watching sportsball (or puck ball) and doing fuck all to fix the problem.

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(PS: nuke Ukraine)

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Not all of us are gutless pantywaists like you.

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This might be a LARP but I have been doing this to ugly women that work at Target since they started groomer month and it's been glorious.

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Yes age ranges that didn't get the coof jab are down. And age ranges that did get it are up.

I know 0 people in my circle of "boomer" friends that got the shot. Yet all their gen x kids did. Yikes.

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