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Need some good old starvation and or cannibalism to get the masses moving. White Urban liberals will be first on the menu.

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He's already supposed to be behind bars suffering "cultural enrichment" in the showers but was allowed to serve house arrest due to kung flu. I'd like to start a givesendgo to get plenty of Viagra to his cell mates.

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Two Clinton donors and one spouse of a campaign worker on the Jury. This goes nowhere.

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This globohomo will be cooling his high heels at his 35 million dollar mansion in Florida before the summer is out. Rootin for Putin so this time frame is met so high heel boy can be a bludgeon for the mid terms. (still in partial denial about elections mattering here).

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If I were that Mook dude, I'd be on a trail in the mountains with no mobile phone.

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I too am on Team Acceleration. If the elections can't even be fixed then all "gains" from our side are for not. Optimistically waiting to see how Nov 2022 goes but take a realists position on this. Looking like everything has to be completely broken before fixes can be implemented. So I say bring on the poverty and famine.

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All of us should be doing the same. You can do far more damage on the inside of an organization than on the outside.

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Mike could have been a superstar linebacker. Oh well, the NFLs loss is the country's gain. AmIright ?

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Heard from some of the boys that the Air Force did this last year. Love my DD214.

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These existed in the past and when I encountered one I would just chuckle and carry on. Now I feel genuine hatred and still just carry on. For now.

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I used to think it would be 4 months to cannibalism if for some reason the producers stopped producing in the US. Katrina showed me that timeline will be a month or less in the urban areas. White urban liberals will be the first thing on the menu. Bon appetit.

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