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Actually, that is sign of a cult. Trump should be booted to the curb for his vax position. I barely post here anymore. We have to pretend we don't know what we know in order to support Trump. Very cultish.

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She's written nothing. She could actually be illiterate and it wouldn't make one difference. Clerks do all of it. Dipshit law school grads looking to impress their future cocksucker employers.

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Hang on. I have many children. Hopefully more.

March 2020 - kindergarten (15 days to slow the spread!)

March 2021 - first grade

Sept 2021 - second grade

->we are here <- (still second grade)

Sept 2022 - third grade.

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The government acted somewhere on the continuum between criminal ineptitude and criminal genius. We don't know exactly where and when and to what degree as the government has also been criminally obtuse, regardless.

I take no position on how much and to what degree the government actually touched any people or machinations on 9/11

All you need to do is look who benefited the most from 9/11.

It takes a tin foil hat and several blindfolds not to see that.

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Chin up!

The vast sums they spent on the development of the bad thing is money that they can't spend on promoting their alleged solution to the bad thing.

They're down to a few trillions!!!

But seriously – with the stench of this conspiracy rotting more and more, they actually don't have enough.

The People are coming.

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Consider this game plan:

• Wife has nursing job with the benefits and is 100% in compliance

• Husband does not. Every thing he odes is not in any compliance, under the table, barter, improvements to own homestead, takes care of the kids

This is pretty common. There is no need for two couples to be working mainstream. And hopefully the one not working is setting up some business/rental so the spouse who is currently working can stop as well.

A good marriage is an economic powerhouse.

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A drive down Elm Street reveals the biggest copycat shitheads in the world.

It's been this way since at least 1984, when I first drove through with my brother. He explained to me at the time what Yalie was. The lesson? They always deserve to be mocked.

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Really? You make Trump cum so hard and you won't even give me a 10% effort? I should have known. Typical boomer. Oh well. Enjoy Hannity tonight.

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Ha ha ha. He is dead wrong about the "vaccine." Dead wrong. His is attempting to delegitimize valid criticism becuase he can't defend what he did on the facts.

Really? Your arguments are as shitty as the vax. You don't even seem to believe them. Your backpedalling a bit there eh? You now admit he's wrong you just minimize it away. Sorry. Too many injured. Too many dead.

Look, if he can't lead on this what the fuck can he lead on? You are excusing him for betraying us like all the other Rs. No one needs LindsayGraham.0

He lied and he is lying. Friends don't let friends lie to them. Otherwise that person is not your friend. This is not a little lie. But a massive lie. A massive live that is killing people who are stupid enough to actually believe Trump!!

And you should not have to defend his lies. Sure you are pretty inadequate - but I know the effort is there champ!!!

But here the good news for you. My guess is with the O'Reilly interview as part of the press junket - and speaking like a lying buffoon to easily fooled morons - well obviously truth social will be catering to boomers. So you'll finally have a place you'll feel right at home.

But really - He should not be lying. He should not be talking like a douche. But here it is. So what do we do?

Yeah and that's were I disagree with your approach. I don't think we should suck him off. But obviously you need to tend to your duties.

Well, don't let me stop you.

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Oh this is priceless. It has more to say! LOL.

So let's get this straight - your man completely lies to your face and you still suck him off. LOL. OK tough guy. I'm sure your very smaaaaarrrt and can handle things.

My advice: When wiping the cum off your chin don't let it fall onto your keyboard as it makes you type stupid things. ha ha ha. You dumb fuck! I shouldn't take pleasure in this but its 2021 hasn't been the greatest with all the Trump's vaccine related deaths you know. Really gets me down. I have a hard time finding joy. But then dumb fucks like you just for some reason really crack me up. God bless your little heart.

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So it's agreed. You are most certainly a total faggot who sucks entirely too much cock and can't even be honest about how much cock you suck.

I would give you the final word but it would probably sound like "MMMGHMMMMMMHHMMMMMM."

So how about if we just end our relationship here? Consent is key. And we all perhaps feel a bit violated (and dumber) by whatever it is you are supposed to be.

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Fair enough. I got to totally disagree with you on its sinister nature. But I know I won't convince you so I leave it there.

Yet - I'm not saying not to vote for Trump. But I am saying we need patriots to win in order to MAGA.

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