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Why do beavers build dams? Why do bees make honey?

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Scott "Never Relax" Adams

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Tim has a symbiotic relationship with the squiggly lifeforms on his tonsils

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I'm talking about his thoughts on abortion, which were based.

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I want to make it 100% clear that I don't give a shit about Syria.

Let the desert people fight their nasty little turf wars.

My concern is with freeing this nation from the foreign entanglements Washington warned us about.

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Hey how about we stop doing whatever Israel wants us to do?

Why are we letting the child rape island people yank our chain like a dog on a leash?

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It means Scott Adams doesn't stop at red lights in the Bronx

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I didn't know you could fit work boots or a textbook in a little envelope like that

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I think he is heavily implying that Ray Epps is an agent provocateur working on behalf of the United States federal government, and that a faction within the federal government criminally conspired, with malice aforethought, to storm the United States Capitol barricades on January 6th, 2020.

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Room temperature IQs

The average honky has 100+

Imagine missing a third of your brain

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Don’t worry. Our government has shown that it is plenty capable of defending that long land border with Mexico Egypt Jordan Syria Lebanon

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"CASE LOG UPDATE 03-21-2023. D.V.E. #363-A has successfully constructed a "Trumpdozer," which appears to be a reference to a construction bulldozer repurposed for terrorism, otherwise known as a "killdozer." D.V.E. #363-A also claims ownership of National Socialist extremist paraphernalia. Upon assessment, threat elevation is recommended." --some dork in Quantico who takes you seriously

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