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A damn shame. Every man should at least read classic literature once in a while. Jack London, Ernest Hemingway, Tolstoy...

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I'm pretty sure those are the prices for a cup of coffee at Dunkin Donuts these days

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Imagine those Italian DSL wrapped around your pepperoni

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Hava nagila, hava nagila, hava nagila...

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Tinfoil hat time: these unexplained deaths provide great cover for whacking specific people

Ohh nooo this 26 year old Iranian spy had a heart whoopsie, how sad!

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Buffalo jump combined with fire, dust, ample cover and a shitload of drugs (you don't fight an elephant on an empty stomach)

Barring that, I would need a height advantage to get on top of the pachyderm whereupon I would either disable the combatant's eyesight, or climb inside its asshole and rip and tear my way back out

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I need more information to come to a conclusion. Am I fighting the elephant on his turf or mine?

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I may be an unrestrained lunatic but I'm not harming any banana eating gentle giants, we already lost one Harambe too many

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I would rather be standing next to a horny gorilla than a Tesla that's on fire.

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Totalitarianism and technology

What could go wrong

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Surely the violent hoodlums going around torching Teslas tonight will convince Elon to see things from their point of view

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These people all think they're Abraham Lincoln

They're in a fight with an alligator and they're pretending to be Abraham Lincoln

(Just picture that, for fun)

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