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It's fine. Just be more careful out there, pede. Fake news is everywhere on both sides.

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Is that why he was meeting with Kamala so often?

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If you're retarded enough to protest in deep-blue NYC, you deserve the jail time you are going to get.

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They've already run out the clock. There's literally 0% chance Katie Hobbs gets removed through the legal channels.

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No gibs are ever enough for nogs. How have you not realized this yet?

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Growing up, the only people I ever saw get violent were Arab and Maghrebian kids and their parents. Never Whites.

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Exactly. It blows my mind how gullible people on this site are. Then again, this is the same place that pushed Qanon for so long.

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I approve of the re-normalizing of the word "faggot." It just sounds so nice.

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Replace your comment with the ramblings of a retarded monkey and I'd have something actually entertaining.

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I have no debts, my treatments are almost free due to insurance, my wife is returning to work in April. I've also made enough money on investments to last them several years on that alone if anything major were to happen. I know how to take care of my family. But thanks for the advice random loser on the internet.

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Mine was too, but they recently changed the guidelines so I appealed and now my account is unbanned.

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How about we just stop caring if something is popular among minorities or not and just tell tyrants to fuck off?

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This is unironically the reason they're handling it this way. They've been telling us for years they'd like us dead, so why shouldn't we believe them?

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Who cares two shits if your enemy's mind has changed? Are they going to prison or not is all we should care about.

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They want us dead and penniless and they think it's funny. No good can come from having leftists working with/for you.

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This could become a thing if we encourage more people to pie these wannabe dictators.

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No one does anything because they know that none of the faggots on this website, like you, would have their back after they did. Why should they sacrifice their lives for people who autistically screech FED FED FED whenever they even rally?

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First God will have to explain to me why He gave my wife extremely painful periods and why he gave me cancer whose treatment turned any potential child into a genetic abomination. Let Him explain that first before I explain to Him why I let my wife take a pill with zero side effects that makes those problems go away.

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How were lockdowns a bad thing when Trump was a huge advocate for them?

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Conservatives are more obese than leftists. This has been known for decades. Just look at obesity statistics by state.

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