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They backed Kyle from day one and I believe they even shamed BRC for denouncing Kyle

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No this was before I bulked up

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You should be more worried about his asshole. It’s taken a pounding.

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Bad for rich people lol. Who the hell do these morons think owns all the production? Rich people. Grocery store chains? Rich people. Oil industry? Rich people. Price of goods goes up 40% and you think the suppliers aren’t increasing profit margins? They spend fractions of that to move and produce goods, and the average American might get a 3% raise when the cost of living has skyrocketed. This drives the middle class into poverty and the poor into homelessness, because they have to choose between food or paying the bills. CNN can go to hell and so can Xiden.

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Can we get a list of all the victims? We need to remember their names; old and young. We can’t let the victims of that black terrorist be forgotten or memory holed. Remember Mollie Tibbetts. Remember Cannon Hinnant!

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I have never wanted to support a business more that is on the opposite coast of me. Move East so I can give you my money!

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Oy vey, it’s Rabbi Wankstein, you anti-Semitic heathen!

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It’s just like the South Park Canadian concentration camps.. I mean happy camps where you’ll eat the finest meals, get to exercise regularly, and have access to top of the line medical treatment!

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I’m going to pass over saying that happy holidays crap. Everyone nose Christmas is what December is all about. Celebrating the birth of Christ, and loving your family and community.

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“Quarantine even if the test is negative” 🤡🌎🎺🎺

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He wasn’t handed an energy independent country. He STOLE an energy independent country.

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Tenk yuu for calling twitter tech support. It appears yuu hav wirus. I need da google play cards!

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It probably was Bill Mitchell

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