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Fuck off back to Reddit you cock sucker.

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They're gloating that Cruz said that... Now they get to say Trump is violent against his own party. He's a dictator if people disagree. And one of his own who's half respected and not a complete rino,. Is turning against him. Especially from a state like Texas. Also remember Trump supporters don't read these type of things... This is more moral support for the complete leftards. And a hot piece to try and convince normies or people on the fence,. Orange man bad.

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Yes they do... But this is an article from (business insider). Also. The left like to brag. This is isn't so much division. More gloating...

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The blackmailed silence of whatever Hunter and the rest of the corrupt politicians kids were doing out there.

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Sickening,. Not one eyelid battered... Complicit with the evil perverted pedo.

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Now 3 of the fuckers are blind

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Bastard.. you got me... Time to recalibrate the shitpostO'meter

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They only represent themselves and whoever is donating to them... Oh,. And every other nationality other than the British.

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She wasn't elected.. she was installed after the albino orangutan got sacked.

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