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He is experiencing major cognitive dissonance. He will be at my house, maskless, in a room full of maskless people. Not realizing the irony of arguing for masks while not wearing a mask.

Main take away is he is not my enemy, even if he has been brainwashed. You can only pray he comes around and hasn't destroyed his health.

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Can you imagine Comey being involved with Epstein and now Maxwell. #Maxunwell

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All electric only vehicles suck. The hybrid gas/electric ain't to bad.

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Or vaccinated individuals might get extra extra sick because they destroyed their immune system.

A friend of mine, got his booster, and was coughing up blood a day later. But don't worry, it was totally unrelated. The doc said they don't know why, ergo totally not related to the vaccine.

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I smell a rino.

Nice message though, agree with that I do

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Spotlight on this bitch and she just might "not" kill herself either

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And left isolated with no family checking in on them with the doctors doing who knows what so they can then die alone and the hospital collect a big check

True by Maaam
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Wicked smaht

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