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No more fully automatic transmissions. And nobody needs a gas tank that holds more than three gallons.

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Are they stupid, or mocking the ignorance of their own supporters

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I've met a few decent people in the Republican party. I was one of them. The sadness is justified. Most of the GOP are slimy horrible politicians and grifters.

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New Zealand is a popular spot. Several old missile silos have been converted to luxury bunkers. Bezos has a bunker in the desert in Texas, I believe it is.

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Ivermectin is awesome, but it doesn't eliminate the very worst of parasites (communists).

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I know several Joys and they're all pretty great people. Has more to do with the parenting than the naming.

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Apart from NoVA and Richmond this is a mostly red state, however I think many Americans are submissive cucks now.

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Some cities and counties do. Initially Youngkin said he would not interfere with that. Now he has agreed to block them all.

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Winsome Sears seems pretty awesome. I haven't met her yet, but people I know who have met her say she's legit.

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Yep, he picked a decent Lt. Governor, so if he doesn't want to be recalled (difficult, but doable in VA), he better listen to the people, and the people better pay attention and keep him in line.

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I don't trust him, but he's listening to donors and constituents for now. We have to keep the pressure on him.

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I think Don Jr. visits this site on occasion. I believe he has posted memes and very similar posts to what was TOP here.

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I don't know what a nonresident traveler or a U.S. land border is in this context. Is he mandating that all people traveling to states other than their home state be vaccinated poisoned?

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