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Thanks man. People calling me a creep and shit. Like, we're together and maga babes are a thing. She thought it was cool lol. And yeah, they'd like her more if she shaved the side of her head and had a moustache thicker than mine

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Yes. Oh I know. I'm fit and not ugly, but not a looker either. Thanks for letting me be happy about it lol

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This. I've been doing good. Really focusing on loving myself and getting fit and making good money. Thanks for the words of encouragement.

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Eh, we need to be exclusive for a bit before thinking like that. I do really like the girl though.

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Bro. Weve been talking for years. I'm not creeping anyone. Fuck you guys

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Uh, through her cousin like 7 years ago. He was a friend and brought her by when I got my pool table.

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It doesn't make sense. But it's been fun and relatively healthy, and I've been happy with it. So... I'm gonna see where it goes.

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Bitter. People would like you more if you weren't always so negative. And fuck, you haven't seen maga babes posted here before? Fuck off mate.

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Yeah man. I don't. I lift, I read, I found a good job. She treats me right, or I wouldn't be around.

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Thanks for the advice pede. I think I am ready. Or a lot closer to being. Been getting my shit together and seeing where it goes.

I hope it works out but I'm not banking everything on it. Apparently we're now exclusive lol. I posted not my girlfriend yet and she didn't like it. Made sure to point out she didn't know we were single lol

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Yeah I sent her a screenshot of my first thread and she said 'oh are we single? I didn't know'

So...corrected that one lol

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Lol I requested em. She's a conservative and didn't have any pictures to prove it!

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Thanks pede, been working hard on bettering myself and the shit is paying off.

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Tryin man. She's real smart and fun to talk to too. And she cooks. Oml she cooks.

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Haha! That's what I said! I've never seen her with long fingernails like that, she's a bartender so they're not always like that. Apparently that was for a wedding, maid of honor and whatnot.

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Actually it was me. I've always been kind of a loser, until the last couple years. She said she wanted me to get with her a while ago and I never was stable enough. IE: smoked a lot of weed, stayed out all night, didn't hold a good job.

But I've been working on myself entirely for the last year and a half. And my grandmother passed away about a month ago and she read about it and showed up at the funeral to support me. I really really like the girl I think.

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