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In stark contrast to his brilliant work, he liked to do crappy stuff every once in awhile.

"S - L - U - T...she may be a slut but she looks good to me!"

"I am a Viking of some note. Knute's my name and here I float. Out on the sea in a great big boat -- and I'm the one who beats the drum in time."

That said, my wife and I walked out on his act in 2016. He put on a video called "Tin Foil Hat" that had a monkey dressed as a Trump supporter.

My wife and I used to travel to Cleveland, NY, Boston, wherever to catch Todd's more intimate performances at small venues.

Never again.

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Most of these brilliant musicians have muck for brains when it comes to finance, economics and ultimately politics.

Todd Rundgren comes to mind.

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Love his voice when he sings.

Hate what he believes.

A moron.

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I'm a freelance writer -- haven't worked in anything but a home office since the mid 90's -- but two clients told me that by mid December (I forget the date) I would need a jab to keep working.

I haven't said a word. I haven't replied to THOSE particular emails and so far, no one's said a word and in fact both have given me assignments this month.

So far so good.

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Soulmates... That's awesome.

My wife and I say we're "cellmates." Our joke.

But your story? I fear the same for my mom... She and Dad were absolutely in love with one another.

I'm trying to get my Mom out and about. We bought her a new car in September -- with loads of safety features -- so she'd have less fear about leaving the house.

My brother asked her to move in with "them" in Wyoming and my mom was like: no way!!!

My wife and I asked her to move down to live with us in Houston?

Again, no way.

Now we're trying to talk her in to selling her house and moving to an assisted living community...

So far nothing doing...

(My brother and I have agreed to go visit on a staggered basis once every three months -- so that's eight visits a year she can count on. )

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Nothing to see here... Look, I'm writing a much better story for you: Inflation is great for the working class!

See? Build back better!!!

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Mom is devastated.

But she has a lot to look forward to... HER ENTIRE FAMILY is going to visit her in late March / early April with every single member there for certain on November 2...a memorial service for my dad.

Mom wishes this could have happened when Dad was still around... just too hard to pull off.

It was late October when Mom told me he had been sleeping almost all day every day getting up for lunch and dinner only then not eating much. He was giving up...

Once I heard this I told my mom -- get his a physical therapist stat!!! Which she did.

At the same time, I organized a visit for December 6-9... me, my wife, one grandson, a DIL and two granddaughters...which gave him something to look forward to and so he started trying harder...

And for the month or so prior we used our Facebook portal (hate Facebook but these portals are great) to arrange to have dinner with Dad. I told my mom to let us know when he'd be ready to eat and we'd have a virtual meal with him.

Soooo...we had about 10 of those and Mom said he really perked up each time.

The actual visit? He found energy! Dad went from being up only 20 minutes or so two or three times per day to sitting up for two hours or so at a time.

He knew me...and he knew my wife. But he couldn't quite place my son or his wife or the two young girls -- even though we reminded him over an over...

"These are your great granddaughters... This is your grandson and your daughter in law..."

He loved having people around, watching the little girls playing at the table or on the floor... He smiled almost the whole time... He said to my mom "I don't know who these people are but they are very nice..."

The day we all left my oldest brother arrived and they stayed for several more days, giving my dad more reasons to be excited about living.

My mom says, absolutely, Dad enjoyed those visits immensely.

But once the excitement was over, Dad declined... Mom told me on Christmas Eve that Dad could not remember his birthday -- and that, we knew, is one of the last memories anyone loses.

Neither Christmas nor his birthday (the 27th) were enough to lift much of his spirit.

It was a slow descent to his end...

I'm a writer so...I'll tell you one last bit...

My mom was -- for her age still is -- an excellent singer/pianist.

In bed, my dad asked her to sing to him...

"Have I told you lately that I love you..."

"Well Jim (not his real name), I'm telling you now..."

Dad asked her to sing it several times.

Late that night, he looked over to her and said, in a low, hoarse, strained voice: "I love you."

About three hours later -- 2am -- Mom reached over to check on Dad as she always did, and cried in horror because he was cold.

She called me immediately...in tears...in agony...

I got on the first flight from Houston and was there by 4pm same day...

There's really nothing anyone can do to console a person losing their husband of 69 years. Yep, that long...

But I kept telling my mom: he lived an amazing life, enjoyed 35 years in retirement, died in his own bed, in his own house, in his sleep, next to the woman he loved.

There is no better story.

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...and if they believe climate change is a real danger to humans, they should stop making and promoting snowboards.

$%%ing hypocrites! The same ones that install and support mask mandates then go vacationing in Florida.

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Why Corona?

Why non Yuengling? Or Shiner?

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Someone step up and deliver some real advice here?

My wife, sister and two family friends plan to attend.

What time should we plan on arriving?

How long will we be standing in line?

Can one person save a spot while others go back to their truck to nap/eat/rest?

How long will this day last?

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A close family friend bought the urn -- it's for TWO -- and she visits my mom regularly.

Gonna' need to wait until my mom passes -- gonna' be a long while I hope -- but once she does we'll get a new urn for the two of them.

We can transfer the ashes then...

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My father just passed...

A friend "gifted" the urn for his ashes...

I hate looking a gift horse in the mouth?

But the vessel where my dad will be spending eternity came from CHINA.

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Government spends too much $%^ing money!

It's easy to do when it's not your own.

I agree -- I should not be paying for this deaf kid sign.

But that's just a drop in the bucket in terms of what else government shouldn't be doing.

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The headline is not at all what he said!

He did NOT say more jabs more susceptibility. . .

He said telling people once we got 70% vaccinated we could go back to normal was moronic.

He said the limit is asymptotic . . . where 1 person being infected can infect less than 1 other...1 being the limit and asymptotic (you can approach 1 but never get there).

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Harris is driven off.

Hillary becomes new VP.

Biden gets Clinton-ed.

Coming to third world shithole near you.

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No, not to benefit HIM but to benefit THE COUNTRY!

For that purpose he will call out anyone -- ANYONE -- for their bullshit!

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Doused my suspected omicron in four hours; my wife's in two days.

Be sure and mix it up in a bowl to ensure a consistent dosage. A veterinarian told me so.

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