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Check who "installed" her. A proud Christian. Because of racism. Like Pelosi, you can't blame this on the jew. Blacks are the master race. Stop saying they were installed by anyone.

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This is the low IQ witch that wants your guns. https://leg.colorado.gov/legislators/rhonda-fields

And once again, criminals will in no way be impacted by her bullshit. At this point if you don't think she just wants to stop us from defending ourselves, I got a bridge to sell you.


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He was just jogging.

No property is worth a life, even if the "kids" we're going to very possibly murder the shooter before he capped one.

Get ready for more peaceful burning and looting.

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CGTN targets United States and Europe to deliver a Chinese perspective on global news through innovative use of the latest media tools.

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Such culture. Almost as much of a hero as Floyd. Wonder if we will get more peaceful burning and looting over this.

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Must we?

Did we have a white liberal problem when their own ancestors were capturing and selling them for profit?

Did we have a white liberal problem when the Barbary pirates were involved in the biggest white slave trade in history?

How about a white liberal problem when slavery existed until fairly recently in Mama Africa?

Just asking for a friend.

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Hey if the judge is a Democrat, odds are that actually happened.

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Black privilege.

Before I moved out of Cali, we could not approach black or brown people stealing, even if we witnessed it.

We could stop everyone else though. My Wakanda manager really loved to stop Jews and Asians that he suspected of theft. Which was basically any Asian with eyeglasses or any Jewish person wearing the hat. He stopped dozens, but they never stole anything.

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She was just jogging! How dare this white supremacist use his white privilege?

BLM needs to riot over this fine member of their community going to jail.

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