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Meanwhile if you’re a male who actually suffers from low T they’ll often tell you to get fucked.

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Who the fuck cares anymore?!? I sure don’t.



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Because it’s the only way to get this shitshow on the road, and over with so we can start over and fix it.


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That’s why it needs to happen. It will accelerate the quickening, even more when parents can no longer pay to have their kids in a safe space away from the usual, and all to predictable animals. This will wake people, especially lilly suburban white folks up, faster than anything IMHO. It’ll be “desegregation” 2.0, and if history is any indicator, we have some fun times ahead.

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When those don’t work, and you continue to “blaspheme” against (((them))), that’s when you have to make sure your security detail is paid well, and your life insurance is paid, and up to date. I just hope they don’t find away to put CP on one of his devices.

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I don't think anyone really knows until it happens to them.

A story as old as time. With that said, you’d think after what was done to Nick Sandman, anyone with a room temperature IQ would have figured this out already. I understand them ignoring what happened to Trump, but NS was a child who had the audacity to be white, and smile at the “wrong” person. I think many, even here, forget how egregious that situation was, and the sad thing is, it’s far from the only incident.

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Elon’s a leftist, and always has been IMHO. The problem is that the “progressive” Bolshevik left is now so far, and openly left, they make breadline Bernie look like George Washington. This is why we always say, in the end, the left always eats their own, because they do. I’m just glad the quickening is accelerating, and the bankers, and merchants have overplayed their hand since Trump, and now Elon seems to be helping it along. Remember people, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

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The media is overwhelmingly, and disproportionately owned, and subverted by the usual Bolshevik bankers, and merchants that also have their grubby little hands in every institution, and industry that has any impact on, and power over anything that was once good, and decent in western countries. They’re definitely metaphorical vampires, but they’re also literal satanists, leeches, and parasites.

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Yup, but I’m still gobbling up them downvotes. Yummy!

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Stating basic bitch common sense reality that everyone knows from a very young age does not make you smart, and is not impressive. Oh wait, I forgot he was black, so everyone here lowers their standards, which doesn’t surprise me at all, and I can’t even blame them anymore.

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That’s because “racism” is a bullshit Bolshevik banker term coined by, and propagated by Leon Trotsky and his ilk to subvert, manipulate, and control people’s thoughts and actions by controlling their language.

What they call “racism”, is actually harsh unapologetic reality AKA race realism.

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I use to say this exact thing about 10 to 20 years ago before I was fully aware of reality, and how the world actually works. Neither one “counts”. We all discriminate all day, everyday for a myriad of reasons, mostly out of survival, and it’s totally natural, and necessary. It’s only wrong when a white person(especially males) does it, or is even perceived as doing it.

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Affirmative action diversity hires/hiring has been used, to destroy everything that was once good, and decent in this country, and it’s all by design, and perpetrated overwhelmingly, and disproportionately by the same group all throughout history.

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