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you “pay” 30% of your income to stay out of prison

To feed, and house him, and his crotch fruit who will likely end up robbing, raping, and/or killing you, or one of your loved ones in the future. It’s also way higher than 30% now. 😡

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Because 90% of the country worships joggers, and so should you. Why are you so racist?!?

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Jogger worship, including joggerball is off the charts in this country. It’s absolutely disgusting.

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I just went through the same thing. The whole ordeal started right before Christmas, but of course shit got super real(bad) starting early early Christmas morning until 12/27 at 11:35 AM which was his TOD. I spent a shit ton of money to no avail to help him feel better, because he wasn’t in any visual pain, just discomfort according to both my own eyes, and my vet of almost 25 years, and he even got a bit better for a few hours, but alas, it was the calm before the storm, and he took an extreme turn for the worse, and could no longer breath comfortably without oxygen. He was almost 16.5 years old, and I had just lost his sibling(blood/same litter) just 9 weeks earlier. I watched them be conceived, and born. The grieving process is always hard, but I’ve never experienced anything like this one, or at least I can’t remember it. I had no appetite, and couldn’t sleep at all for the first four to five days, and while both have normalized for me a bit, they’re still way way off.

This video really helped me a bunch. I hope it helps others.


It’s really tough when you have to(should) choose mercy through euthanasia, and also choose to be there to witness it, and make sure your furry family member knows you’re there, and they’re not alone, but it’s the right thing to do no matter how hard it is, and how fucked up it makes you afterwards. I know people who take very very good care of their dogs, and will spend any amount of money necessary if anything can be done for them, but then turn around, and drop them off to be euthanized, and cremated without staying. TBF, euthanasia doesn’t always go smoothly, depending on the dog, and there condition/personality, and can be jarring, and scar you mentally, but it’s an unfortunate part of the game that we CHOOSE to play, and participate in when we take on a furry family member. The first sibling I had to euthanize fought hard, and didn’t go easy, which didn’t surprise me because she was a fighter throughout all her life, and survived many major surgeries throughout her life only to heal up, and seemingly get stronger. Because of this I was absolutely terrified to have to euthanize her brother when his time came, and hoped he would save me the trouble and someway, somehow go peacefully in his sleep, but of course, this didn’t happen. It rarely does. Thankfully though, he was a much less high strung, and easier going little fella then his sister, and took the procedure much better. The crazy thing though is that I’m taking this one so much harder though because it was more unexpected, and basically went down on Christmas Day. I didn’t care for the holidays much to begin with, and now they will be even more fucked up to me from here on out. On top of all of that, he was the last of the litter to survive, so it’s the end of an era.😞 Ah well, it is what it is. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Hopefully it makes me a better, and stronger person in the long run.


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mUh cOnStItUtIoN 🤣

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🤣 that’s cute. You think anything is real. Everything is filled with lies, and half truths.

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My pasta copy from another similar discussion.

Yeah, I’ve been telling people for a while now, and that what we will see in the even nearer future than I was predicting before the Bolsheviks stole the election, is a bunch of mini Wacos, and Ruby Ridges that will result in the deaths of the first few victims along with some tyrants, but will have the effect of waking many normies up more than anything else we’ve seen yet IMHO.

The main advantage we have now compared to Waco, and ruby ridge is that cameras are everywhere, and anyone with an IQ above 65 can livestream. Having families shot at/killed live on camera who have no criminal records, as they state their case, and background as a moral law abiding citizen who just wants to be left alone, and keep their home changes everything IMHO. My biggest worry is that they will start fucking with data transfer signals, and hiding body camera footage in cases where they just want to disarm Americans, and steal their property.

Where things could get really interesting is when LEO frens on the inside start warning the intended homeowner victims ahead of time so they can prepare, and when neighbors adjacent to the victims start taking out tyrants IN MINECRAFT as they stack up around the entrances to the house. Shit gets sideways really quick when you’re taking fire from different unexpected angles/places. The best case scenario, which, unfortunately, I have absolutely no illusion of actually happening, would be other LEOs showing up, and drawing down on the tyrannical LEO who actually started stacking up at the scene of the house they intend on arm robbing the victims of.

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They don’t need to repossess what they already own from top to bottom fren.

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