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What a moral booster. They value the basketball dudes ability to further psyop American kids much more over the serviceman.

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He certainly would not not have sucked all those dicks.

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I didn’t get the checks and then was supposed to get the credit in my taxes and the stupid government keeps rejecting my tax returns. They owe me 5,000 dollars for 2020.

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As long as the moon man becomes a giant Pepe that can be seen from earth from every angle I approve

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It looks like what they would put in a bunch of space ships. Go ahead get in the sleep pod. You will wake up in a new frontier.

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That was always the plan when they pulled the fiat wool

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May be best to start more locally. Like carving a Pepe on every football field simultaneously.

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Not many want to swallow that pill. It might end up being a suppository

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10 dollars says the doc is in the death cult cashing in on people like this confused idiot

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It’s a humiliation campaign waged after they seized full control of all the means of society. It’s meant to demoralize any resistance since no matter how you respond it’s ineffective at overcoming the influence their control has en mass. Mk ultra never ended. Commies always fully controlled it.

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