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This is the way. Make it obvious and apparent to even the most brain dead normy that our elections are not “secure.”

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Civil war is a roll of the dice. We either win or they do. A least we have a chance at being the change. Just because they want it shouldn’t mean we don’t.

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Oh and they don’t think it’s lying too. They fully believe their little fantasy worlds.

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This is one of those things that really annoys me. Like why was it ever okay for non-citizens to own land in a country. There should be a way, sure, but it better be a burdensome process that limits investment.

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I filled up my fuel cell over the weekend with farm diesel. 100 gallons was the better part of $500.

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Pretty easy to see immigrants as a “problem” when you have no prospects and non-citizens are taking a cut of that American dream. Immigration only makes sense in an abundance economy. We are in a shortage economy now. Even though it will be called “racist” I expect to see more calls for ending immigration/visas/green cards.

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This is the way. Fight fire with fire. They are going to cheat. We need to lose the moral high ground and fight them at their level.

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I get what you’re saying but I think you’re forgetting about the scale of the issue. There are literally millions of firearms in the country. Early morning raids (only) would take hundreds of years to get everything. Not to mention the logistics of such long term and systemic raids would make them very susceptible to counter action. Don’t think that every gun owner would just wait for their “last stand” it would be more efficient to hunt the hunters. The swat actions would be very visible. Easy hunting.

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You can almost see the sparks shooting from their ears.

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The truth has power!

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Thirsty men hear of a place full of loose women and they show up. Nothing surprising about this.

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You know what would stop the abortion argument? Give Fathers “abortive rights.” Not in terms of the pregnancy or the Mother but in terms of parental rights and responsibilities. Let potential Fathers opt out too. Oh boy. These feminists would change their minds real quick on abortion if both the Mother AND the Father had similar “rights.” These fat ugly women couldn’t ride the carousel into their 30s and then trap some unsuspecting poor dude in a pregnancy anymore.

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Tough love but yeah. Reminds me of a Jordan Peterson lecture where he talks about how ~10% of the population is too stupid to work but that we as a society never have really addressed it. I think there are some people that are just too emotional fragile to function. What do we do with them? Warping reality to their whim is not working out.

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It’s about amplifying minority opinions. It’s about projecting a narrative. Most Americans don’t agree with the Twitter narrative, but social pressure caused by the lack of discourse causes conformity. They are afraid to lose their monopoly on the narrative.

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Maybe the mods are finally taking a stand. Picking a side. Hearing the divine rally cry so many of us are waiting to hear ourselves.

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Like seriously! Something I’ve seen and wondered about is where is the cultural push for post birth abortion coming from? No one supports that but these evil mother fuckers want to go there. I don’t even recognize the “left” anymore. Deus vult!

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It’s even more insidious than just slavery. They then take that money and spend it on indoctrinating our children, arming our enemies, and helping everyone but the American people.

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Why is trump not using Truth? Talk about a “soft” launch. Lol

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