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My theory wasn’t that this was a distraction, but rather the beginning of normalizing the idea of war with China. My friend in the government said this balloon thing is dumb because the Chinese have satellites all over than can see way more.

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Funny how these people are rabidly “body positive” but they’re the first to call someone fat or short if they go against their twisted beliefs

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I bought my first gun with Biden’s Covid fluff money. Felt like an extra “fuck you”

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I work for Universal and half my coworkers refused the vaccine. Finally they stopped bothering us lol

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My aunt just had heart surgery for this (was healthy before the jab) my other aunt also has one, my best friend’s 32 year old husband had to have a pacemaker put in, and my other friend’s mom just had a pacemaker put in. All totally healthy people before the shots. That only scrapes the surface of people I know with issues since. There is ZERO doubt in my mind that shot did it

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My aunt has an aneurysm in her heart after the shot

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I’m a woman and getting married next year, I’ve always looked forward to being able to breastfeed my future kids

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Can’t wait to get married next year and have 4 beautiful white babies out of spite

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I was in DC on Jan 6 and I saw a bunch of those “antifa” looking guys, stood behind one on the escalator coming out of the subway. They looked too jacked and put together to be your average antifa hooligan. Definitely not surprised if they were feds

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