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Are you saying short guys can’t be tops?

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“behind” “hurts”

I’ve spent too much time on the Internet today. Good night everyone.

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Sounds like something Spez would enjoy.

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A stay at home mom who’s not working and needs to raise kids? We’re not talking about savings here. The majority of the time the man is the breadwinner and hence has the financial advantage. All I’m saying is that the man should remain loyal to his wife and not fool around.

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As long as the men (who have the financial advantage in this case) remain faithful to their wives nobody should complain.

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Dude, Trump is not the type of person who shit talks someone unprovoked. He did it only because there’s a legitimate reason to. DeSantis has been silent…why?!

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Maybe this year is when you finally get a pair. 🐸

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Gonna push back a little on that… she was writing her manuscript between 1990-1997, when UK was already fairly diverse. Harry went to Hogwarts between that period.

If Harry Potter was a kid from medieval England then I would agree with you 💯

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I know a guy who looks white with the last name Conley. But he says he’s Jewish (from his mom side). So how do we effectively distinguish if someone is Jewish?

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I wish OP included Soros sr and jr

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I used to think he was senile and just a puppet but I actually have come to believe that he’s been faking it all along. The man has been in politics for decades. I think while he’s an idiot people underestimate how cunning he is.

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I feel like we’re like the only people in the classroom that would read the exam questions and do some complex analysis (is this a trick question?) before finally answering lol

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Is F supposed to be Nancy or Schumer or both??

By the way I agree with you 💯

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The student should say he’s a member of the LGBT community, and that Islam violates his queerness.

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Glad you had a good time pede. It’s always nice to be surrounded by like-minded people.

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I hear you. He didn’t hold many rallies in NJ (where I live) back in 2020 after I became a Trump supporter. So I had to drive to the nearest state (PA) just to attend his rallies. My first one near Harrisburg I think I drove like 3 hours one way. It was like 4 am when I got home after the rally. Needless to say it was worth it, and I went there all by myself. I think it’d be a lot more fun to go with friends or family. But I have none here. But I did meet some frens at his rally (even chatted with a young guy who drove up from DC). This was like 2.5 years ago now… time flies!

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Islam vs LGBTQ… who will win? Who will the Left side with?

We’ll find out more, in the next episode of daily clown world…

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