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thanks to the RNC/GOP not just putting all their effort behind Trump and everyone else getting in line. typical establishment GOP. Have a winning message, but rather work to hinder it. Its a shame. Too bad Meatball got a big head and wanted to line his pockets.

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we are in primary. thats our first step to get back in the white house. I don't know what else should be talked about with priority.

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Why does it seem stuff like this only happens one way and others float by with no punishments for their crimes.

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Its amazing noticing the twitter people that were getting paid to shill for Meatball. It was so obvious the strategy they using.

DeSantis is being attacked hard because people felt he was next in line and his stabbing in the back hurts more than the norm and the lame attacks they use on Trump.

Trump had so much success despite the establishment BS. He just has to keep pounding his record on economy, immigration and foreign policy.

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I love how Ellis, Lahren, Boothe, etc act like they are impartial but they always find the need to stick up for DeSantis when the comments thrash him. always.

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All these paid Meatball influencers acting like they are organic are sickening. The list goes on and on. So many traitors.

Forgeign policy, economy and immigration are the 3 things Trump needs to push. DeSantis can't touch him at all on it.

Be moderate about with abortion. In reality many don't care about it, as long as they aren't killing babies ready to pop out. This country has a lot bigger issues to deal with.

Stick to all the great things Trump has a track record of accomplishing.

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FL was a perfect example of what this country would look like if all Governors would have followed Trump's lead. DeSantis did great, but now being a traitor and running against the man who got him in office to begin with?,....I dont think. I will never vote for DeSantis again.

It'd be one thing if Trump sucked, but he did so many good things despite the BS they manufactured against him each day.

If DeSantis can easily stab Trump in the back, just think what he would do to the American people.

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and DeSantis pushed for the vaccine too.

DeSantis will never get a vote from me.

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hes not bringing up vaccines. the ones who want him out are. He just needs to talk about all the great things he accomplished during his term despite the BS thrown at him each day.

Trump would never have been allowed to fire Fauci. He was a public servant. Trump would have been stoned for it during the climate of 2020.

We need to fix economy, immigration and foreign policy. Trump is what we need for that.

the entire covid thing was used to get him out of office. It was all done on purpose.

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DeSantis won't even talk about the economy or foreign policy.

Hes a whiny ass bitch.

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with how bad things are now with Biden/compared to their 401k etc with Trump and if they use covid as an excuse not to vote for Trump, they are dumb.

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now people want rethink on how to 2020 should have been handled. They are trying to push covid so much because they have nothing else to talk about because Trump had this country rocking.

Imagine if Trump tried to fire Fauci. He would have been done for. Perhaps if he had support in congress he could have done something.

Massie is nothing but a turncoat traitor too.

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yeah it appears so. Even with hiring and helping people who turn out to be traitors, no one has done as good job as Trump despite the constant incoming. Thats why only he will have my vote in 2024.

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He's a loser without Trump. The way FL goes is how the entire country would be if the GOP would work with Trump, not smear him.

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How so many want to rewrite history and forget the climate of 2020 haha.

If Trump fired Fauci, I don't even think had the power to do so, he would have been impeached and people would have wanted his head even more so.

All he did was listen to the experts the US govt had in place. He did his job. He didn't force anyone to get anything.

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yeah or the other side. What does it say about DeSantis if they don't fight him being in office like Trump. It shows where his interests really are. Either way, stupid comment to make on her end.

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RNC should have been 100% behind Trump. Even more so after all that has become public how they were trying to hinder his White House. In typical GOP fashion they work harder to sabotage a winning America First message, instead of all working as one to enact it.

Its all part of the establishment plan.

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