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A commie

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No. She was a commie, so not even a human being.

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Yes, made from the meat and coconut is a fruit, like avocados and olives.

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Yes, don’t eat vegetable and seed oils. Don’t eat processed food. Cook with animal fats or olive or avocado oil (if necessary).

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The government is trying to get you to give up nutrient dense real food like steak, eggs, pork, etc to eat mass produced processed bullshit which they claim is good for you. Plant protein is incomplete. Billionaires are investing in things like pea protein which come from large industrial monocrop farms that destroy the soil.

Eat real food and be mindful of where it comes from. Eat as local as possible.

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Any feds here = faggots. Your family will end up being ashamed of you.

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He is out now. I am looking for the court filings to see if they have his home address to post so people can send him letters if they want.

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When Fetterman was mayor of that town, he heard fireworks and immediately assumed it was a black guy. Fetterman got in his truck and chased him, hopped out and pointed a shotgun at the guy.

Based! /s

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That kid with rosy cheeks from getting slapped in the face with dicks all day

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If this motherfucker wasn't a government leech, he would be on QVC selling shitty jewelry

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The urine is probably more sterile than their 3rd world water.

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Joe Biden looks like a doofy puppet. Nobody takes him seriously.

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The people watching this will be 1% retards watching with sincere interest and 99% us to laugh at them.

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He can’t deport them so this is the next best thing.

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Obama wanted to give this fascist little faggot a lifetime appointment.

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