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the cover was already a thing or Hook had no song

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Clown World loves its Grievance Olympics

Clown World is Loserville. One big collection of woe is me losers.

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Ah yes, the Twitter Files ff is materializing

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Yeah but "grab em by the pussy!"

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"has become," but it's always been on a bitter end trajectory

Founded September 18, 1851; 171 years ago (as New-York Daily Times)

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gladhands from the left, I'm Serious looks and words from the right

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such a proven untrustworthy source for news. A 70s era music rag that overstayed its welcome for years. Go away!

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the story should have gotten the streisand effect via msm, but they're just as guilty by omission

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thanks to Paul's advance warning, he'll have many months to enjoy that pension too

Note that the Left never announces their stings

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Doocy has really flourished in the absence of Psaki

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OOOOooo! the bill is opposed by Kevin McCarthy and THom Thillis!

Nothing but the best, Clark.

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music and movies sadly going extinct

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nice to wait until after the election, and just long enough not to arouse suspicion

now, about that price of diesel...

let's go brandon, and fuck you too mayor pete you clown world globalist shills

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whew! now nobody has to mention one of the greatest unwarranted violations of the first amendment of all time- the suppression of the voice of the sitting President

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Left, end game:

keeping a slave for sex is ok> slavery is ok

You'll own nothing, and be happy.

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clown world conditioning, and how to beat it:

  1. GEOTUS warned us of the inherent danger of tik tok,

  2. but wray is against it so this makes me now want to use it,

  3. which I know is what Xhina wants,

  4. so because of GEOTUS and common fucking sense, I will not use it.

CLown world GFY

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