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Trump revitalized conservatism and saved it, but unfortunately he is only one guy fighting off the swamp while he was President, and it led to some bad endorsements to guys like McConnell for his re-election and a lot of other RINOs, which is why we need movements like "America First" to put good conservatives into political offices. If we can get Trump back to the White House in 2024, fix voter fraud by getting republican state legislatures to fix laws, and put amazing conservative candidates into congress, then we can start making huge changes in the political landscape and gain some major, major victories.

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Photos and videos of what? Them doing the one stream together? Yeah they did a stream once together because kami took a trip to America and was in range of Chicago, where Nick lives.

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Fuentes went out and protested at state capitols with his supporters. He went out and acted.

People who researched information on the fraud did great work, and Fuentes went out there and pushed the evidence in the face of legislators. He was present at the 2 Million MAGA marches and he was there outside on January 6th.

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the Groyper originated from a variation of Pepe and the term came organically through a meme that was popularized in the movement during the, now named, "Groyper War", and soon everyone called themselves groypers.

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Nick Fuentes disavowed him a while back during the election cycle and did a single IRL stream with him because he had some contact with him, saw a few of his streams, and solely liked some of his politics, although he found the anime stuff he liked weird.

The "muh catboy" thing was pushed by a gay communist youtuber named Vaush who is a faggot.

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I don't know the exact date but it should be a few months before the election. Doug Ducey cannot run again, he is term-limited, so we won't have to worry about him possibly winning a primary again despite being a RINO.

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They never learned over time that it was bad, they knew what they were doing. Guys like Ron DeSantis luckily led the charge to free people from the mask mandates, which pressured RINO governors like Abbott, Ducey, etc to lift their own mask mandates or else they'd be 100% primaried (and they still will be primaried).

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If Paul Gosar runs for that seat, he's our guy to root for and vote for. He's the current representative for AZ-4 and a true patriot.

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Libertarians: Why yes people can have anal sex orgies with eachother, as long as it doesn't affect my private life.

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He tweeted an image of him sitting in a chair and those words were on the top and bottom of the image and it went viral.

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There are some people out there who do. I'd say the demographics argument for America First would be retaining a white majority. America has always been a multi-racial/multi-ethnic nation and it's impossible to change, but the population has always been a majority white of 90% or more. Now, it's down to 70%, and generation z is slightly below 50% white, which means the population of America is being replaced through mass-immigration from the third world, like Mexico and Central America.

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America First

It's the logo of the show "America First" hosted by Nicholas J. Fuentes

He does the show on his own platform "americafirst.live" because he's been censored everywhere else.

9 PM EST/EDT Monday-Friday

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The post was stickied, everyone, including myself, saw it.

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nobody is advocating for a white ethnostate retard

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"blame minorities"

ok retard

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9PM EST Monday-Friday

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He crashed those events because people like Charlie Kirk and Ben Shapiro were advocating for things that weren't actually conservative and painting it as conservative, such as stapling green cards to illegal immigrants.

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Your post history includes defending Ben Shapiro, a pawn of the Israel lobby and a grifting RINO.

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