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That’s insane, I can’t believe how low it is. Suburbia living makes me believe it’s much higher since I stay in the suburbs and in rural areas

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He even brought up voter fraud in the Jocko podcast.

Joe is going to go full red pill or already is. He is just trickling it slowly.

Once you see the voter fraud and see the deep state, you can’t unsee it. It’s there.

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This is from 10 years ago, but he says he's in better shape now:


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Herschel Walker steps into the room

Make Georgia Fit Again!

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She has been amping up her voter fraud for years. She won the election for Biden.

Once Kemp loses the primary, he's going to work full on with Stacey to make sure she wins. Look what happened to his daughter's boyfriend once he stepped off the globalist path for a moment. He then jumped right back on.

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The vax is literally useless. Everyone I know who is vaxxed and got Covid, got it WAY worse than anyone unvaxxed. I ran a fucking Ironman 3 weeks after getting COVID while my sister, who is vaxxed and is also very healthy (who I caught Covid from), was destroyed for a month from the virus.

That was also her second time getting Covid, she got it once before she was vaxxed, then got it again right after she was.

This isn't including all of the mycarditis cases that are popping up that are known, because most of them are probably hidden from the statistics.

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Clayton County is a garbage dump. Just straight thugs throughout that entire county.

Anytime there is crime in my county, it has a 33% chance each of being either a Fulton County thug, Clayton county thug, or Dekalb county thug. The remaining 1% is from one of those other ghetto Metro Atlanta areas.

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Someone in a community page by me just reported their 18 year old son died suddenly. He just got stationed in Hawaii recently.

I'm 99% sure it was a heart issue, but no one will confirm. I feel terrible for the family, the kid wants to be a Marine his whole life then is forced into a vaccine.

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The prosecutor is Comey's daughter. The judge is a transvestite who probably puts on her blue hair the second the cameras turn off.

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Pretty sure they blew up Kemp's daughter's boyfriend as well.

It stopped Kemp from investigating any single piece of fraud and put him in line. He's probably petrified for his daughter.

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Its the type of people in government that is the issue. No sane person wants to be a politician, just deranged sociopaths. The only sane people who want to be in politics are the ones who want to save the nation for their children.

20+ years ago, the country was in a lot better shape and the country was pretty damn good so the sane people didn't want to go into politics. Only deranged people wanted to be in government to gain power. So all of those in power now are the ones who started their career when the country was pretty great.

So now that the country is going to shit, honest people want to get into office to save the country for their children, however, they need to start at the bottom and build up their careers unless they are billionaires/famous (DJT).

In 20 years if we can have fair elections, I believe the country will be amazing again, but 20 years is a long time.

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Most Georgia counties don’t put up with this shit.

Most LEO’s in GA aren’t like this. Gwinnett county has cops fleeing every day.

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Now I can support a real party!

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I mean, to give them benefit of the doubt, we wouldn't hear about the ones refusing orders.

It may have been happening.

But still, fuck the FBI.

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I cancelled my BRC sub last week. Left a long email about why and they responded with the following:

"I am very sorry to see that you are requesting to cancel your coffee club subscription. I have however done so, and you will no longer receive any future orders or charges

Our co-founders spent over two decades of service in the United States Military and in government agencies dedicated to the preservation of American values, including free speech and our belief in and commitment to the Constitution of the United States and its Second Amendment. Those values are the genesis of everything we do at Black Rifle Coffee. Furthermore, we believe in the integrity of the legal justice system.

Beyond that we are here for our only and main mission focus to support first responders and veterans while serving premium coffee and culture to the people who love America"

They literally do not support the 2nd amendment. They support the ability to shoot guns on youtube to make money and thats it.

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And people go straight back too....

If my employer cancelled their mandate, I would tell them I'll be back, and the day I was supposed to show up, I'd cancel. I'd try to draw it out as long as possible too.

Just to slow their hiring process by a few more weeks in a critical role.

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Someone start cleaning Kyle's AR and loading mags for him, he's gonna need it!

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They want her president. 100%

They wanted her to win but Tulsi ruined it for her.

They are keeping her in the back burner to hide her from all the insane shit that the Biden Regime is getting blamed for so they can bring her in as a hero. Then they can fully crumble the country for china.

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If I felt threatened walking down the street because a guy has an AR-15, I'm not going to run up and try to bash his head in with a skateboard...

He has a rifle...

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I had to google this to make sure it was babylon bee...

How does it all keep getting worse. Fuck sakes.

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