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Lol imagine believing this? Then explain building 7, you fucking retard. Explain the pentagon; dimensions of the damages to pentagon not consistent with commercial airliner. Explain the feedback of firefighters from that day who didn’t even know they were being fined talking about what they saw/heard/experienced and the one guy saying how it sounded like bombs or blasts going off (“boom boom boom boom boom”). And that’s just off the top of my head. Whaddya got there, smooth brain?

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Almost like it’s the Trojan horse for implementing social credit; starting with business and coming soon to the consumer side near you ;)

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9/11 was the first domino of the new world order plan to fall in going from the ‘planning phase’ to the ‘implementation phase’

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“MuH aNti sEmiTiSm” is like hearing someone call you a racist. People are over it.

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Damn. Where’s a radical when you need one, amirite boys?!?! Fuck this cunt. If she’s not on your Mount Rushmore of worst human beings to ever exist then you should probably reevaluate things.

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As do I.

Hope I’m wrong, but I don’t see it.

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This is the same faggot who declined to debate RFK regarding the Covid-19 vaccine (and maybe vaccines in general as well, I forget) on the Joe Rogan podcast. Mind you, Hotez had been on the Rogan podcast at least two times prior and crowdfunding from influencers and the public had generated > $1M to go to the charity of Hotez’ choice should he accept the offer from RFK to debate. Do you think he accepted or declined? Hahaha we all know the answer to that. FUCK this fake faggot fuck.

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Fear, fraud, and force is how they rule; take away one and they double-down on the remaining two. Eradication is the only way.

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Credit to this guy for speaking truth to power. He didn’t have to do it and he puts himself (and possibly his family, too) squarely in the crosshairs by doing so. Don’t get me wrong, I hate BLM but I’m not blinded enough to at least consider the possibility that BLM grassroots like the one this guy is in could be doing some good in their respective communities as opposed to BLM global which we all know and hate as the NGO or Super PAC that is a front pretending to stand for one thing but really doing another, which is serving as a pass through for $$$ above and beyond campaign donor limits to ActBlue and then to the DNC.

And the fact that there were headlines about BLM global being sued by BLM grassroots as to who controls the money kind of corroborates my point, because, BLM global was controlling it; grifting it to the higher-ups in BLM global (those four, black dyke bitches who bought a bunch of mansions - spawning the acronym BLM = Buying Large Mansions) and giving nothing, or next to nothing (“a portion of the proceeds” wink wink) to the respective communities they’re supposed to represent.

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“I want my country back...”

As do I, pede, as do I.

And we’ll be able to get it back but not without a fight, though. Count on that.

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How many kids do you think that pedo faggot Olbermann has diddled? I couldn’t agree more with a pede’s theory of correlation regarding the more outspoken a TDS triggered faggot is, the higher the likelihood of them being a pedophile deserving of the rope or much, much, worse.

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This is great. I lean-in as well. All the time. Say inflammatory shit. “Excuse me. Privileged white male coming through.” My favorite is when I ask if there is a white privilege discount when paying a bill, in a serious, inquisitive manner. Wearing Trump “NOT GUILTY” mugshot t-shirts (have ‘em in every color). Seriously. Fuck these people. Fuck what they think.

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Fucking Amen. So sick and tired of the who, me? routine from a Jew with no fucking idea about what’s going on with the powers that be in the big nose, small hat community.

Who? Moi?

“If you don’t know what you’re talking about, shut the fuck up.”


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Maybe the scenario won’t play out exactly that way (who really knows and only time will tell) but that last sentence is a 100% bingo. People should get their head checked for brain activity if they think these subhuman pieces of fucking shit are going to go quietly into that good night

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Without cash, we would have a central bank digital currency

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