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Whopper is consumed by hate and a poor diet. No one ever says no to her or has even minimal expectations of her. White libtards want to hear black voices, even if they are morons.

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Precisely. Always good to have a ptard source and frankly one of the rare times I will link to one.

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She can talk circles around Biden, Psaki, Jean Claude Abdul Jabbar etc...

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"why Gary?" said the detective. I think he was shocked but understood actually.

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Jaded degenerate fucktard. Society is so so sick, he'll still have a career somewhere.

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I have no evidence but I've always suspected at least some of these suicides were the guys who were told to open doors or let protestors pass thru. A lot of cops are right wing, even in the cities. If they had any kind of RW social media presence or past statements, they were perfect fall guys and they didn't want to be around for that.

If they suicided because of PTSD or fear of the "insurrection", i think we would have gotten a lot of sympathetic puff pieces. The absence of those makes me very suspicious.

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Didn't those Krassenstein brothers have a house raided and assets seized because of some kind scams or something?

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Her hair stinks from here

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..and I'm donating to whatever good charity Alice supports, because I've repeated this joke several times...Coop is a good dude, unfortunate Jill looks like him

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What is "she is a fatso too" Alex?

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OMG we'll have to find another irrelevant homo.

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Lazy fuckers here will upvote almost anything. Fuck you Linda Turcotte, you make us look like fools

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