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Yeah, and that is why they keep stealing shit from western society, because they are high IQ. Slants cannot create, only imitate. Also on average their dicks are the smallest, might be a correlation with their inabilities

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Need a repurposed Kaczynski to start mailing love letters again

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There are some inbred chinks that are just as retarded as dune coons.

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Nope, Dave released a vid from his car stating his career goals are not aligned with the show, and they are parting ways

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Can’t wait until some jogger bodyslams your 100lbs woman to the concrete and you criticize her for being paralyzed. Fucking twat.

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From now on, instead of a helping hand, curb stomp the RINO fucks into the ground

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It’s a method of control. Tie your finances to it so you are forced to support the system, or be destitute. The same “no jab, no job” principles in play. Only way out is a parallel system, and the inevitable destruction of “woke” in all forms, less we suffer our destruction instead. Coexistence is not an option.

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Some of the biggest laughs were when Dave was hosting/covering the show.

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The loss of Dave is pretty big. The days when he was covering were funny as hell.

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They won't, just like the reluctant law enforcement during COVID was "just doing their job", so will the NY justice department.

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The fear is to be the first/only one through the breach, and everyone else just stands and watches. Then you are dragged through the mud, villianized (posthumously), and everyone else goes back to banging in on their keyboards.

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Lol, yeah let’s stay peaceful all the way to the gulag.

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Exactly, if they attack just go Russian style and scorch earth on a tactical retreat. Use air superiority to interdict their overextended logistics. These malnourished conscripts will be barely able to lift their AKs a couple days without food. Then counter attack to the Chinese border, take no prisoners

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Broadcasted firing squads and hangings. People need to see what becomes of commie traitors willing to ignore the law of the land and bend to the will of foreign powers (traitors)

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I believe it was part of the reparations package

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Invest in gold chains and spinner rims and take it all from them

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Next it will be leave you pant pockets inside out if you don’t want to get mugged

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