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What they are saying is that the number os stillbirths and abortions was not in excess of the expected amount for that age group.

Sur 1/8 vaxxed women has a misscarriage but that's NORMAL! THAT'S HOW YOU KNOW IT'S WORKING!!!!!!!

(Actual rate is more like 5%).

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What you have to ask is.... where did all the steel wire come from?

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To be fair she was fine with just a dumb test. Could have gone and grabbed a used covid home test spat on it and shown a negative.

That said. Be good to that wife of yours. She's golden.

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The most normal thing in the world pre- Covidian dynasty:

Bro hit me up with a slice!

What you ain't got time to sit for the whole thing?

Nah gotta catch the subway.

Now it's suddenly weird to eat outside or eat and walk. Because lol look at unvaxxed boy eating outside! Not like US in here still masked between bites!

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He's loving it. Just look at that big ol grin.

Also since when did lassos. Hand held nooses. Turn into whips?

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This is all just China panic. It will get better. Buy in about 3 weeks like I did during the corona dump.

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I'd pay double for that log. Make that ring into a mantlepiece.

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If their infant is at risk... why are they not in hazmat suits around their infant?

Look at the mom holding that probably perfectly healthy baby.

What was she gonna do when dinner was served? Call for a blender and a paper straw?

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Go fucking home! Take the classes online. Spastic attention whores.

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Well if you read the article you'd see it's data from Help America Vote Verification database linked to the MVD that checks data from the SSA. So yes the data is FROM the source that is used to verify voter IDs.

Gateway pundit is hyperbolic but you picked the wrong article to go "heh unnamed sources" on.

It is a publicly accessible database.

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Nobody shat on Matt himself. Everybody shat on the event because it was a glow op. The FBI doesn't organize this shit themselves. They are on the planning committee Matt used.

If the event was massive that fucking fed glowie would have fired his gun causing panic and the fag CP would have stepped in. In short you should instead focus on subverting the GOP by getting involved locally instead of marching into the strip.

Also donate to the legal defense fund of the Jan 6 prisoners. They will appreciate your money more than your words.

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Don't sign anything. Religious exemption is NOT am agreement between you and your faggot employer. It is a right to free exercise you are enforcing upon your employer.

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Sorry for the inconvenience. It's a disgrace emergency care has turned into Covidian proselytizing.

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Good. Local communities should be able to scrap whatever service they don't like.

Don't get distracted by the "Defund the police" messaging. It's a conservitard trigger method.

Be better than that. Be MAGA. Your town, your rules. Minneapolis PD is a bunch of traitor mask fags anyway.

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Dude did an excellent parody. I bet he lived around people like that for a LONG while until he got out.

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Socialists being terrible people? Impossible.

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