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It really did just dissappear didn't it? Didn't even last the week and nobody is talking about it anymore. To hastags. No news stories.

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They voted for it. yes yes fraud and all that shit but we can't pretend NYC isn't a blue shithole guys. Blue shithole gets what it votes for fuck em.

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Gotta ballot harvest. "Oh but that's so horrible! How could you stoop to their level! we should ban it not use it!"

Sure sure sure. How's that 2022 midterms going? Oh all those harvested ballots came up Dem? What a surprise.

Only way to beat a cheater is to beat em at the cheat.

Ballot harvest your neighbors. Ballot harvest anyone you know. Go down to old folks homes the day after ballots are sent in. Bring some flowers, pretend to be from some chatting with old folks charity (you should probably donate some time for real to this too) and chat with em about the country, who they'd like to vote for then offer to drop off their ballots.

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I have said since 2015 that the only reason I am here is for Trump. If they get rid of Trump, sabotage Trump or do anything that involves me getting over Trump I'd be out.

There is literally no difference in being governed by Democrats or by Republicans. The degeneracy doesn't stop. The Republicans voted just as hard to fund the FTX scam through Ukraine funds and they also want to take my guns with red flag laws.

No need to restate that daily.

Trump 2024

DeSantis 2028.

It's not a recommendation, it's a promise.

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Has Ron DeSantis jumped on his own dick yet? No.

I like Ron, he had to bloom into a proper governor mind you, took him like 3 years to get into the groove. But of course it's Trump 2024.

Ron DeSantis runs in 2024 I'll be here for Trump, Ron wins the primary through cheating from the GOP or any other reason good luck to Ron cause he'll need it without all those Trump votes.

I don't vote GOP. I vote Trump.

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Well did you act like a commie faggot? I had a dude just openly state we should totslly like do UBI for reals and you expect me to engage in discussion with him?

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Despite my obvious leaning towards libertarian policies I cannot stand libertarians because they simply don't live in reality.

"So you want to give your enemy absolute freedom to sabotage and subvert you?"


"So how do you stay in power then to enforce all the liberties you want to have?"

"Well people will just choose the right thing for themselves"

"And what if that right thing is to indoctrinate people and infringe on your freedoms?"


"Thought so"

Same with moralfag conservatism. See the conservatives freaking out about Nick Fuentes, who I literally know only because other people tell me about him, because he's an "anti-semite" whilst literally every conservative is called a racist mini-hitler by the left.

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Bro we pass the Taurids thousands of times.

I liked the show but there's some huge big ass leaps of logic in it.

Now I like the cataclysmic hypothesis that explains why ancient cultures died out but nothing is going to happen in 2032.

Media is just mad at him for suggesting progenitor civilizations brought advanced techniques to stone age man cause they think he's saying white Atlanteans culturized the savages or something.

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That is some amazing shit bro. Would totally have that on a shirt. Patriots.win needs a merch shop.

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YAY!!! OMG like you literally don't believe a fucking word of it though so why would I care fucking RINO scumbag.

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It's way simpler than this. Male behavior was designated as pathological.

Getting obsessed with a weird thing? Autism.

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That also but a judge can award legal fees if malicious prosecution is found as a motive.

See Akilobviously vs Sargon of Akkad for copyright infringement.

She went on and on about "his kids will be too poor too eat when I'm done" so the judge awarded full legal fees to Sargon.

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"Defamation litigation would destroy the average working person"

Oh look! A statement of intent for malicious prosecution.

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I guess they don't stop for anything. Good thing Biden ain't giving new leases though... could have voted but hey gotta work!

Hey you know that whole stolen election thing? Just gotta gotta keep quiet over it. Okay handshake account go back to Mastodon.

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Yes sure..... that's why they ran and hid. Not because of the gimp teddy bear and 5 year old in their weirdo ads.

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Sometimes I wonder if retardation is contagious cause more people seem to catch it every day.

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Good job. Now see an employment lawyer or join one of the other lawsuits as a party.

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