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Communists always try and get Whites to hate themselves so their nations can be destroyed.

A people without roots have nothing to stand on and get blown away with globalism depravity.

Nothing is wrong with shouting White Power or White Lives Matter. This is our home and the groups defaming us have rapidly worn out their welcome.

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Same with Gaddafi, and anyone else who tries to get out of the Rothschild system.

That's what most of these wars are about, anyone who tries to get out of the Rothschild fiat scam system is destroyed.

So I don't know how we will ever be able to, because any attempt to will be called "Nazi" and "fascism" and our side is terrified of being called those terms because it's been beaten in our head our entire lives, through our movies, etc... that it's the worst possible thing you can be, the one system that fought against the Rothschild Zio-Communist banking cartel.

It's why many of us DOOM, because there is no way to fight these people now, all ways to stop them have been blacklisted as "racist' and "White supremacist"

Conservatism sure won't stop them. Voting won't stop them. So what's left? Jan 6th has cemented it where nothing can be done as well as anyone who suggests anything like that is called a fed.

Lots of suffering is up ahead, I hope and pray everyone finds Jesus, as that's all that matters anymore. There is no saving this world, IMO.

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It will take people losing their homes and loved ones before they face the full truth.

The way the enemy brainwashes is convincing you defending your own race or pointing out the flaws in other races, the fact genetics heavily determine behavior, as an evil sin; to the point many our side desperately tries to prove they aren't racist "I LOVE Candace Owens, see I'M NOT RACIST. I watch Ben Shaprio, I'M NOT RACIST.

It's shameful. Being a "racist" isn't even a thing, it's a made-up anti-White smear term.

Defending your family, race, and nation is a moral good. Noticing other races have negative qualities and protecting your people from those outsiders has been a common sense moral good since the beginning of time.

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It's why many of us are blackpilled because half of the right hasn't figured out what side they are even on yet.

Unraveling the Communist propaganda sometimes takes years, and we don't have much time left.

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Most of us are probably going to be killed, that's the hard truth.

Spend time with your loved ones and seek Christ before you leave.

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When you realize the origins of Garland's family, the situation starts to sink in.

It's why some I know have already fled the US. I have nowhere else to go and am ready to leave this Earth, I want to share the gospel with those suffering around me in the end.

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The fact we can't even opnely talk about who's doing this to us shows how bad the problem is, and all we can do is warn our friends and family in private at this point.

I've collected all the info I could on Gab the past 2 years, I've been sending it to local businesses, churches, and everyone I can in desperation.

There is a real plan in writing to exterminate Whites and Christians, and the roots of this war go back thousands of years. An actual holy and racial war and almost no one knows what's going on except for the wolves who now have us surrounded.

We tried to help so bad, those of us who know, but our own people were the ones to tell us to shut up for the most part, it's been extremely frustrating.

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I made a sandwich earlier.

I'm a producer! But then I consumed it :(

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Look at the eyes of all of the workers, I seriously worry sometimes these are demons, or are possessed by them.

Almost all the same color eyes.

You can almost see an evil glee, like the joy a serial killer would get before torturing someone.

Enough of this, I'm going to go turn on the audio Psalms and talk to Jesus.

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Inflation and high taxes will rob us a lot quicker I think.

Last metals podcast I watched (forgot what it was), the general consensus was they won't be coming for our metals until way late in the game, and by that time they will be coming for ALL private property, including our homes.

I think they want us all in their digital currency system first, which test runs I hear start next month, and to be rolled out next year to some degree (where no one is forced at first, it will be optional with incentives I guess, then slowly it becomes forced as it's all stores will be using).

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It's sad how most Americans can't even comprehend what it used to be like when people had dignity and respect for each other, where women were treasured and would cover themselves, everything wasn't focused on the obsession with sex.

That was the Communist subversion, and when guys make jokes about wanting to see women clothed like that it shows how deep the subversion still is on our side.

It's why I'd like to move to a traditional community, even where the women wear head scarves and dresses, going back to how things were in the 1800s before modernity destroyed this place.

Pornography has destroyed the minds of our men, and feminism has removed our women from the dignity of their sex and turned them into inferior men.

Henry Makow - How Sex Became our Religion

It's literally Satanic.

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"Racial progress" is wiping out Europeans globally and the entire ideology comes from the same racial group.

What's sad is we have hundreds if not thousands of quotes out of the horse's mouth but people still don't want to touch the root of the problem with a 10-foot pole.

Maybe in a few more years of misery and pain...

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We lost the Civil War to international bankers in the 1860's and they smeared us as being racists who wanted to own slaves, a common tactic, calling their enemies evil racists who hated them for no reason whatsoever. When in fact, almost zero White Americans ever owned any slaves, it was all the same group who brought them here, and then owned all the slave farms, then used Hollywood movies to brainwash everyone into believing a false story of history.

We have been under Communist rule ever since, brainwashed far more than the N. Korean's ever were, to the point I realize there's no way to wake up the masses on what I've learned about the past 200 years.

Seek Jesus Christ for the salvation of your souls guys, these people who are planning on killing us are worshipping the devil and wearing sheeps clothing and I can't even post the verses that expose them because I'll be banned, that's how bad things are.

You know them though, you know who's doing this to us. You know Garland's real last name. You know what Epstein's background is and what that Island was for. Warn everyone around you that you can, and urge them to read the Gospels, read the book of Romans, we all are probably going to be killed so save your souls by turning to Jesus Christ.

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Also, don't forget well over 50% of Conservatives still have no idea who the enemy is, even after Epstein's Island and the Maria Farmer interview.

We've been desperately trying to help everyone but you get knee-jerk reactions from generations of Communist media propaganda who wrote our history books and have controlled the US educational system since Dewey in the late 1800's. Communists took over after the Civil War when we lost it to international communist bankers with a final goal of destroying us and it's now all happening, they have used us for countless wars for their interests. This is all openly admitted on official websites but it's like everyone is under a kabbalist spell from the TV.

Americans have been brainwashed into hating themselves and honoring their enemies.

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