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And of course a couple of pro-abortion fat Karens are trying to start arguments with her that she should have aborted anyway. Got in a "OK, Cloverfield" on one of them before I was locked out.

Worth it! Won't miss Twitter!

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Thank you, feel much better!

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Ol' Toxic Masculinity, Alpha Male himself, Donald Trump, is soothed by SHOW TUNES?

Git the fuck outta here with that shit!

Posted by Greg Bluestein- Head of the Editorial dept for the Atlanta Journal!

Since he took over, he has helped run that cat-box liner into the ground!

YOUR media at work, folks!

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When Rush had his TV show in the early-mid 90's, when he reported on anything Robert Reich said, they would show a screenshot of Reich BARELY able to peer over the White House Press Room podium, just hair, forehead and eyeballs...


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Nah, I'm older.

Just felt like calling him an asshole today!

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Thank you becky21k1, your comment will be given the attention it deserves!

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OK, then... Re-posted to correct the title, if you want to go in and let others see you calling me a nut...

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Are you?

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Borat was right!

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Thanks, GREAT article!

Everyone who cares about this country needs to read it!

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Wow, a woman in a bathing suit is not porn...

Incel idiot!

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Ugh, how am I supposed to fap to that?

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