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Maybe even… GASP RACIST TERRORIST!!! Oh noes the humanity think of the children’s etc, the democrats will want another money printing bill that will fix it ….

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“The attempt by Unvaccinated Uber passengers at crippling US ride share travel by declining to show vax pass to ride is a very short distance from anti vaxxer to domestic terrorist”

“The attempt by vegetarians crippling Burger King by declining work at restaurants is a very short distance from anti meat to domestic terrorist”

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It will have one of those signs that light up facing the audience that reads when flashing: “Clap, you stupid bastards.”

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Yes I’ve seen that flying around online book shops. On my to read list. Does it summise the Hunter gatherer thing ? Is it a long read?

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You’re barking up the wrong tree friend. It’s Sabbatean Frankists who are the enemy, not Jews. They use the smokescreen of pretending to be normal Jews, which then gives them a get out clause of ‘persecution’ to run to if criticised and shreik “anti Semitism!” if examined too closely.

They aren’t real Jews. Regular Jews are good people with flaws like the rest of us.

Anyway it’s Kind of how the hard left abuses the racism card.

They also know by donning this disguise, other well meaning folks will do the policing for them fighting about “DA JOOOS!” All the while laughing all the way to the proverbial bank.

It’s a sophisticated distraction operation, and many have fallen for it.

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You mean Sabbatean Frankists? They aren’t regular Jews. Regular Jews are just regular folks just like you and I, from all walks of life. SF’ers are ‘fallen’ Jews which is an odd breakaway sect that hate their own kind and to them everything evil is good.

It’s said that many of ‘The Cabal’ (The ‘Elites’ / ‘Globalists’) or what Carroll a Quigley terms “The Network” (the term they call themselves) are Sabbatean Frankists.

It’s said that the ‘dancing Israelis’ seen in the streets of NYC after 9/11 are SF.

And, that the ultimate responsibility of 9/11 lies with SF.

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Back then more like ‘Semeneries’…

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That’s the phrase I was searching for, thank you Pede. Uncanny Valley indeed. It’s an odd, deep seated, unsettling emotion welling up from the ancient depths of our lizard/mammalian instincts. It generates paradoxical ‘wet ware’ errors in our subconscious that essentially warns us that something isn’t quite right about a person.

In normal well adjusted, red blooded men, it elicits at best, bemusement, perhaps pity and a tolerance with indifference. At worst, an instinctive revulsion.

I posit this is caused by the fact that with men, one of the things men find distasteful, is when another man acts or carries himself in a feminine, overly dramatic, whiny, shallow way- as it tells his subconscious that this ‘man’ cannot be relied upon on a ‘hunt’ on the plains, or be trusted to pay attention when it’s his turn to keep watch at the village gate at night. Basically instead of doing his part in a ‘mission’ - but just flounces around or whines about something trivial.

You can get a bunch or men plonked on an island and not particularly like each other, but shit still gets done, because they quickly figure out who’s good at what and it gets done with a team effort.

I posit normal, red blooded women also are repelled by trannies, because women (largely) find effeminate behaviour or appearances in men friend zoned at best, and a complete turn off and despise them at worst.

Personally I couldn’t care less what adults do with their own bodies (men or women), just don’t come at me with the whines, leave the kids alone, take off the dress/wig/lippy (for men) and lumpy badly fitting suit (for women) and present the correct passport at travel and if you decide to play the game of life on hard mode, have healthy flesh amputated or have an Addadicktome, I don’t want to hear it when nobody wants to get Jiggy with them.

I’m sure the lady pedes and man pedes could articulate this better than I.

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Simple. If the Congressmen and senators had their armed men protection removed from them and all buildings suddenly, they would smarten up real fast.

Decent non corrupt leaders don’t need much protection. I dare say if president trump walked into a Denny’s in 2019 all by himself nothing but some selfie’s would have happened.

Adam Schiff though… that little bitch would be crapping his depends.

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The Canadian Dairy Mafia has entered the chat $30 USD a lb import cheese anyone? $6.33USD a lb regular crappy craft block cheese. $4USD a lb butter. $4.60USD per gal of milk.

This is what socialism gets you.

Meanwhile gas in the Uk $4.66 a US gal. Don’t even get me started on diesel. Hard lefties: “whY is tHe pR1cE 0f fo0d go1Ng uP?!?!?”

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