Now, the very next day, I woke up with my throat feeling way off. Constantly needing to swallow, and I’m not in full blown pain in my throat, but obviously something off that is lingering.

I’m pissed, because last Christmas I almost died (not because of covid) because I don’t know what’s wrong with me, doctors have been dismissive, so I’ve been suffering for a long time.

Now, I don’t know if this is symptom for day 1, and it’ll continue to get worse, or if it’s just nothing but minor.


I never used Facebook, and or Instagram in years, probably since High School. They were on my phone, but I never would log in.

Fell out with my ex-best friend, and reached out to her, after 2-years. She refused to respond to me, so whatever. Checked if I was deleted off Facebook, and I sure was.

Few days later, I thought to myself, fuck Facebook and Instagram. Not only because I never used it, but like, all my life these platforms have brought nothing but problems for me. People being aggressive & starting fights, so forth.

All the fake fucks too, that have me added as a friend, but don’t even fucking like me.

So, I said fuck that, why do I have these platforms filled with people who don’t like me anyways? I always felt bad because I only had 70 followers on Instagram too, with a like ratio of 20. (Then again, I don’t post, haven’t in years, plus after High School I don’t go to college, or go out... So, never experienced the “real world” adult friendships) ...

But back on topic ... Which means, once again; nobody fucking likes me. Years of having it, nobody reached out either.

Seriously, fuck these apps. I really don’t care what Susan, or Dale are posting, arguing about, whatever the fuck.

If someone really values me, I don’t need to see photos of their life, nor mine. If they valued me; they make effort by speaking to me via in face, text or call. Not trying to shade me like ex-friend, posting photos with my ex-group of friends as a “clapback.”

If you haven’t yet, I totally recommend it I feel 10/10. It’s only useful if you’re keeping a low profile, and want to keep in touch with select family, etc. But nothing deeper than that,

Reached out to an ex-friend of mine to say happy birthday last night and left a sorry message, but also thinking about them & mentioned I missed them.

Was then left on read (most likely) or completely ignored. No response a day later. Saw they had me deleted on Facebook, either they did that recently, possibly after I sent the text, or maybe recently, but prior.

I feel embarrassed an absolute shit. I prayed she would’ve responded too. No luck. Guess she hates me with a burning passion now. I wish I never sent her that text because at least I had dignity.


I’m hearing doctors push my family, because, “we don’t want to see you in the ICU.”

Some of my family has already gotten it, and now everyone is swayed because they want to travel and don’t like the restrictions.

I still don’t feel like getting it oddly. I really don’t think it’ll “kill me” or “stop me from producing” but I am pretty sure I almost died last year (not due to covid) and doctors were too stupid (and careless) to figure out what’s wrong with me. To this day I’m still having issues and feel like (as a women), the vaccine will affect me since my problems aren’t fully solved. I’m not anti-vax but, very hesitant.

So where is everyone else now? In this current situation?




My dad did not die of covid. But due to media propaganda and constant hearing of covid, even if he wasn’t watching the news, he became paranoid that he was going to end up with covid, even though he didn’t go out much. The media showed a lot of horrors of other countries of people dying, and it broke him to pieces, that’s all he could think of.

The past few months, his health quickly declined. Any time we begged him to go get checked, he refused, for one reason. Fear. Because of fear mongering stemmed by the media.

When he got to the hospital, he had multiple heart attacks. He kept stressing out. They refused to let any of us stay, because of covid (even though, he did not have covid.)

Yesterday, I got the call that he was dead. I didn’t even get to tell him, I love you, I didn’t even get to say goodbye. The doctors mislead us, stemming hope and not filling us in with the truth, just “don’t call us, he’s stable.”

Then they had the audacity right after telling us and we broke into tears if we can donate part of his organs, I’m sorry - but I said no.

I can’t stop crying, all day I’ve been crying. This easily could’ve been avoided, he’s stubborn, but all the media does is plague minds, you can’t even watch sports without hearing about covid.

Now I lost my dad. I don’t know how to deal with grief, and if he had gotten checked months ago, he still would be here. I love him so much and he didn’t even know.

Please hug your loved ones.


They hid it


Few months ago I told her straight up that I liked Trump. I don’t think she liked that I said that, and was one of those people who said, “I don’t care about politics” and “Trump is a pedophile, they’re all pedophiles, hate to break it to you.” I tried to tell her so many times it wasn’t true, about Trump. She did get pretty passive aggressive with me too.

One of the things I had mentioned to her is that Trump was anti-war. Biden and Obama are for it.

Well today she just sent me a message with,

“You were right” with the link.

Now I gave her a lengthy message about how much of a jerk off Biden is.

Wow, they’re finally opening their eyes thanks to Biden’s natural fuck up’s. I don’t even have to be the one saying, “I told you so!”


I wrote this a while back ago x.

Basically, been in Canada for a bit, and stuck here because of Covid. Anyways, for the longest time, I've been suffering for months. I waited in the ER for hours, and they sent me home with more pain (didn't care, gave me Advil.) They weren't concerned, told me I had a UTI. Their 5-day antibiotics didn't do much for me. Then, I had to contact a doctor. Doctor made me wait months and only assessed me over the phone because of Covid. I don't have Covid, but unless you're dying, that's when they physically see you. Keep in mind, I'm 21 as well, they see my age, so they dismiss me.

Anyways, his antibiotics worked, I felt amazing for 1-month, then 2 months after the problem came back again, but this time it was straight from hell. I was sicker than before, the antibiotics didn't do nothing.

Every day I was getting sicker. I had to wait another month just to get an Ultrasound. I could barely hold water. I also did another urine test; negative for UTI. Yet, still dealing with whatever this is from hell.

I would get hit with a wave of tiredness, and be at the peak of exhaustion. No amount of sleep would help. I was weak. Around Christmas time, it became worst. I spent my Christmas barely unable to open my eyes. I don't tend to exaggerate or anything like this, but I honestly thought I was gonna die. That I wasn't gonna wake up when I went to sleep. My eyes were black, and I was weak. I had no control of my body. Felt like I had no control of my bladder either. I will never be able to describe the affect, and or feeling in words.

Now it's 2021. 2 Months in. Had to get a referral from a Urologist. Who now told me something to do with my kidneys which is concerning him which the Ultrasound showed. My other doctor said nothing abnormal, but, guess that was wrong.

I figured it was my kidneys too because when I drank coffee, my lower back was pinching pretty bad. So forth. Even HE sounds stumped though too and he's a urologist.

So, basically, I have been living with Kidney issues for almost a year, to the brink where I felt like death and the ONLY thing that kept me OK, is Pelvic Stretches from an Australian site.

I apologize for constantly complaining here but don't EVER listen to people who tell you healthcare systems like the Canada's are good. It's a LIE, it's torture.

This is HELL. Now I'm getting lines under my eyes in less than a month because how sick I look and my back is KILLING me.

If I dealt with American doctors, my problem would of been solved in a WEEK. Not, almost a year and POSSIBLY death.

Even playing games online, other fellow Americans told me, yeah it sounds like your kidneys and Canadian healthcare system is bad, turns out they were right when they kept saying, nah, you're fine. Go home.

I have no one to talk to this, that's why I opened up about it here. I'm upset, and terrified, and all.


  • Waited hours for treatment. Got sent home.

  • Took months to see a doctor.

  • Doctors were useless.

  • Turns out something going on with my Kidneys, and it took more than 6 months and they still sound clueless.



Now she’s being passive aggressive in the texts. Clearly she likes double masking, and other tougher masks.




Maybe I’m in the unpopular opinion zone here, but I utterly hate seeing this commentary on various threads and it’s starting to gain traction.

We are literally here because of Trump. In Presidential history I still cannot recall a President who has so much love and loyalty as Trump received. Not even Obama, when Obama ended his term people stop caring about him. He was old news. Trump supporters are just as loving as a celebrity fanbase. Let that sink in. That’s hard to grow, but he did it.

Secondly, there will never be another running candidate like Trump. Trump was a business man, not a politician. He accomplished everything he needed, he wasn’t swayed by the money - he genuinely cared about the country. So, this idea of the movement being “bigger” than him is ridicule. Because after him there won’t be another candidate who will ever be him or stepped up like he did. And because of it, Democrats will most likely stay in charge and censorship will probably grow worse.

Last but not least, there is only so much you can do on an Internet support and voicing your support. Once again. It’s ridicule. To say we’re “bigger” than him, because there is so much you can do while voicing your opinion online (in support of a President) who is actively making things happen. In this case, there isn’t making anything happen. We’re basically yelling in the void then.

Please also remember they want Trump supporters to cave in and unite with the Democrats after 4-years of bullying Trump, and anyone to support him too. Why? Because they never seen such loyalty and love for a Presidential candidate like him, which they badly want and know they need. The day you leave Trump inn the back burner and “evolve” without him, is the day you cave and give them what they want.

Oh - and everyone turned their backs on Trump, including the “Republicans” and Mike Pence. They decided they didn’t need him anymore and are better without him and more than him like people are saying here. We don’t need to be the next to do that to him.


Literally respectfully spoke about how I like Trump and he isn’t bad or evil.

At one point I brought up Joe Biden’s son is a literal pedophile, and a crackhead. I haven’t seen the photos, and I never want to.

What do they say?:

“Hate to break it to you, but everyone in politics is lowkey pedophiles, Trump included.”

Fuck no he isn’t, and just before this shit, “he’s a racist” and then I said he dated two black models, quietness some subject change on their part, and “well he’s racist about the Mexicans!”

I was like, uh no, he’s not racist and he didn’t want cartels in who’s trafficking, killing people and drugs.

I’m so sick of this shit. Like it’s incredible how far gone people are, they’re so bias, they won’t hear any other opinion and if you debate them they get hostile, and in denial.

See the gas prices going up for example, when you hear a Leftist complain you shrug your shoulders and you say, “that’s your fault, idiot you voted for this.” Then walk away.


Like just constantly badmouthing Trump. Even the whole, “he‘ a never experienced love he hasn’t paid for.” Like bruh, this is why he didn’t pardon you. No loyal, or good intention person badmouths somebody. Period.

What would that even do? Who’s to say he’d be for Trump or do what he use to knowing it’ll just put him back to square 1. People got to stop putting all their eggs in a basket.


Cause they know that Biden barely got votes, and anyone who supports Trump is beyond loyal, and Trump has more supporters than Biden does. That’s the reason they want to “unite.” Just like how Biden wanted Trump’s account with millions of followers cause he barely has many himself.

As if people are gonna fucking unite to this loser after being called a KKK supporter, etc for years after supporting Trump. They can shove their call to “unite” up their asses.


We were playing video games together for the second time, and he’s in the military. He was talking about something about deployed again (he hasn’t been, can’t remember since I have memory) ....

Anyway I remember asking him what his political views are after he’d make comments against people and calling them Liberals.

Basically he said the Capitol let them all in, and it’s become a shit show, etc. Then ranting about all the Libtards getting rid of “men” in wordplay because of LGBTQ catering.

I think he wanted to sound neutral as possible because a friend of ours he didn’t want to offend, but he was clearly anti-liberal just respectful about it, and not for Biden at all. He didn’t say Trump but his rants were all against Leftists.

Just goes to show military (he’s black too) DON’T support that moron Biden.


... He literally dated a black model?

You’d think for a “white supremacist, KKK supporter, hardcore racist overlord” whatever they call him - he’d never, ever would “swirl” but, boy, he did. ?

It was even known for awhile he was whipped for Kara Young back in the day and then he went on Howard Stern to drop the bomb that he stole whatever his name is, girlfriend which was Kara as an ultimate fuck you.

There was another black model he was rumoured to dated/hooked up with I can’t recall the name of, who wasn’t biracial.

I’ll never understand these dumb fucks, he’s such a racist, yeah OK.... ? Kara even had him out there wearing plaid when the man only wears suits. That’s how whipped he was.

... But... But he’s racist!

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