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They don't seem to realise that when evil people call our ideals "deplorable" it just makes us chuckle.

Yes, we know that loving our country, personal freedom and earning your keep are completely unacceptable ideologies to them.

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Psaki claims that they're distributing the monoclonal treatment to other states like Oklahoma, even though that'd give a population 1/5th of Florida's 50% of their doses.

Psaki even smiles when the reporter mentions that Biden is cutting these supplies to red states.

She then states that these are a post infection treatment, so the vaccine is what they're recommending instead.

It's pretty clear the Biden admin is trying to drive up Florida's COVID mortality rate to use as propaganda to force Floridan's to vaccinate.

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Let's hope she realises that the Democrats, who are forcing her to think a certain way...

Had to be defeated in a civil war in order to force them release their slaves.

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Yeah she's back on now I think.

However she's retweeted and liked a clip of Tucker Carlson calling out what BS this is. And the left-wing is rabidly attacking her for liking what a "racist white nationalist" is saying.

She's likely realised that she's not free to think whatever she wants to.

Lets hope she realises that the people who are forcing her to think a certain way had to be crushed in a civil war to free their slaves.

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For those who don't want to watch the twitter video, here's what happened.

Government - "Just 14 days to flatten the curve"

Aussie Man - "Okay done, can I go now?"

Government - "Mate, settle down or you're gonna get gassed"

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Left-Wing - "If you won't let us murder babies then we'll stop having them"

Right-Wing - "visible confusion"

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I'll take an A-10 if they're available.

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It's also pretty likely that the government starting doing shady things to interfere with ammo production because they planned to piss off half the country.

It wouldn't surprise me if they used covid quarantines to hold up shipments of ammo, and lockdowns to shutdown ammo manufactures.

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It's crazy that the US is air striking targets that the Taliban are giving them anyhow.

I mean, Biden gave them a kill list, who's to say they're not giving us targets off of that list.

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That's assuming that half of the USA ever hears about this.

The msm and social media will go into overdrive to censor this.

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Good point, I guess this is an incomplete list.

Probably what's been left from the Marine Corps alone.

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Credit goes to "Disclose.tv" on twitter.

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I saw a twitter lefty say that Biden crying was a powerful expression of how much he cares about the civilians stranded in Afghanistan.

I got blocked immediately for asking "If Biden cares about the civilians so much, why did he leave them there while recalling the troops?"

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I'm almost positive they're just using Biden to get away with as much BS as possible.

If the audits turn up anything, Biden will get 25th'd.

The Democrats will say "Kamala didn't steal the election, it'd be just as unfair to unseat her as it was stealing the presidency from Trump"

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It's kinda hard to fuck up this much on accident.

It's just as impossible to guess a hundred coin flips incorrectly as it is to guess them correctly.

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Remember when Twitter said:

"Ahead of the Ugandan election, we're hearing reports that Internet service providers are being ordered to block social media and messaging apps.

We strongly condemn internet shutdowns – they are hugely harmful, violate basic human rights and the principles of the #OpenInternet."

It's funny how these companies change their mind so frequently about these things depending on the context.

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I saw a twitter checkmark claiming that math is subjective the other day.

It takes a lot to make me angry.

That did it though.

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And naturally the twitter libs are eating this up and claiming that it's proof there was no fraud...

Without even looking at the evidence the actual audit has uncovered.

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Given the timing I assumed it was from the VoterGA audit results that just came in.

I still wouldn't believe a single word from any news platform until they show receipts for what they're saying though.

I just figured that's what Tucker was waiting for, that said he might be as dirty as the rest of them.

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Tucker has said multiple times on air that he believed there was voter fraud.

He just hasn't run a story on it until undeniable evidence came into his possession.

The hashtag on twitter is about him saying that the covid vaccine is untested and potentially dangerous, even though he himself is fully vaccinated the left-wing still made a stupid montage propaganda video to demonise him.

I guess they're trying to sway the public opinion against him so no one believes the election fraud story.

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She then compared the liberation of the slaves to the election integrity laws.

And the Democrats thought that was win for some reason.

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