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Don't lump all atheists in with that retardation.

I'm an atheist and I believe that Christianity is the foundation of western society and should be conserved along with the constitution to ensure our survival.

I don't believe in god myself, but I do believe in Christians and their values.

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He's not a troll, he's 100% serious.

He stated that social media platforms censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story and subverting democracy was perfectly acceptable because it was preventing a fascist from taking office.

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"This would unforgiveable if Trump did it, but it's just a gaffe when Biden does it"

This is coming from the same guy who said on video that subverting democracy to keep Trump out of office is acceptable because Trump is fascist.

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These are likely the same people getting triggered over the slogan "it's okay to be white"

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Trump should go to Mar-A-Lago, start recording and then casually mention to one of his lawyers that he's glad they didn't raid his other property and find "it"

When that property gets raided he'll have evidence that the FBI spied on him and used illegally gathered information to conduct a raid.

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How is this not "watergate" levels of backlash?

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I feel like I've seen this before...

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China is telling a US politician not to land in Taiwan or else China will shoot them out of the sky.

That is implying that China controls Taiwan's air space.

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What I hate about this, is that it's the most insidious kind of propaganda.

Threatening to blow Pelosi out of the sky had the left-wing outraged and the right-wing giggling...

The problem is, China doesn't own Taiwan's air space. This story sets the presupposition that they do and everyone ignored it.

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He'll probably put up walls around Washington DC and leave the southern border alone.

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You could probably remove 90% of all the politicians in congress and the country would run exactly the same.

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Yup, I said - "Well how about you go to the middle east and demand they stop killing homosexuals?

Or perhaps you can go to China and demand that they allow free speech?

Your rights come from your citizenship, demanding that other countries comply is called colonization."

And like clockwork, she changed the conversation to climate change.

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I don't know about that, but we should at least start deporting them again.

And finish the border wall.

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She got very upset when I told her "Your rights come from your citizenship, not the other way around."

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His voice even sounds different.

And he's way more coherent than usual. Even his "lifelong stutter" has mysteriously vanished.

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They live in their own reality.

Then block anyone who tries to bring them back.

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I wouldn't be surprised if the "no inner monologue" thing was caused with antidepressants.

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They want to defund the police because they want anarchy.

They don't want people policing themselves because they want anarchy.

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