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The government violated the 1A.

Twitter and Facebook (among others) became state actors when they censored citizens under the governments command.

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Exactly, you can even see the blue grammar correction underlines.

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You can see the cursor and blue colored grammar correction underlines. These indicate that this text is in a document... meaning he wrote it himself.

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He accidentally screenshotted the page while the cursor was visible which is only possible if you're the one writing the text.

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If Alex Jones can be sued for billions on a defamation case, surely a media platform can handle that amount... right?

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I agree with this take, his lack of fucks given about outside issues is great for Florida.

I wouldn't want DeSantis to spend his time showboating over issues he has no control over. The fact he doesn't is one of the reasons I like him.

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On a side note, the Republicans really need to step up their game and start coming down on illegal immigration.

Since Obama changed the census to include illegals, and congressional seats are allocated based on population size, we can't keep allowing the Democrats to send planes full of illegals all over the place to rig the electoral college.

Illegal immigration and mail-in ballots are the highest priority right now.

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You can't get even and game the system when they have the DOJ.

The only thing we can do, is copy DeSantis's example and criminalize their methods of cheating in every state.

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The FBI share workspaces and resources with Perkins Coie (the Democrats legal arm)

They refuse to answer if they were involved in instigating Jan 6th.

They forced social media platforms to censor Hunter's laptop and many other stories that would've negatively impacted the Democrats.

They knowing used evidence fabricated by the Clinton Campaign to justify investigating Trump's campaign, violating the FISA court system 17 times in the process.

A journalist investigating Biden was raided by the FBI... then went missing.

It's definitely possible they're involved with election fraud.

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Secession of states is actually the only thing I can think of.

Even then I don't expect the Democrats would allow that, they'd rather civil war than allowing the red states to escape their grasp. there's a reason they weaponized the DOJ and purged a ton of conservatives from the military.

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So... only the immigrants fleeing communism aren't allowed to come to the USA.

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Don't lump all atheists in with that retardation.

I'm an atheist and I believe that Christianity is the foundation of western society and should be conserved along with the constitution to ensure our survival.

I don't believe in god myself, but I do believe in Christians and their values.

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He's not a troll, he's 100% serious.

He stated that social media platforms censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story and subverting democracy was perfectly acceptable because it was preventing a fascist from taking office.

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"This would unforgiveable if Trump did it, but it's just a gaffe when Biden does it"

This is coming from the same guy who said on video that subverting democracy to keep Trump out of office is acceptable because Trump is fascist.

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These are likely the same people getting triggered over the slogan "it's okay to be white"

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Trump should go to Mar-A-Lago, start recording and then casually mention to one of his lawyers that he's glad they didn't raid his other property and find "it"

When that property gets raided he'll have evidence that the FBI spied on him and used illegally gathered information to conduct a raid.

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How is this not "watergate" levels of backlash?

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I feel like I've seen this before...

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China is telling a US politician not to land in Taiwan or else China will shoot them out of the sky.

That is implying that China controls Taiwan's air space.

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