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real fake news is the term you're looking for

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it was a perfect call, perhaps the most perfect call. AT&T says it might be the best call of all time

Never change Trump, I want this shit mainlined into my veins

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Biden has really helped me be proud of my children. If you replaced Biden with my 3 year old I don't think anything would change

He 100% isn't calling the shots.

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Look Manchin and Sinema are certainly not good people, but they've fought for Americans more lately than a lot of the GOP

Without Manchin specifically fighting against the needless spending, that gajillion dollar bill would have passed and inflation would be closer to 12% than 7%

I don't endorse them and wouldn't trust them with my life, but they deserve some recognition here. I still think they'd ruin the country but at least there are some things they are willing to stand up to

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I like this, the fact we would post gifs of her would make her seeth like rabid dog

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Imagine risking your health over a 4 hour game of woketards who hate you flopping around for penalties

This country is fucked. If he genuinely thinks that's a good reason to get an experimental treatment that has been proven to do jack shit for a virus that you already have a 99.9% survival rate WITHOUT THE JAB then he's probably retarded enough to get 10 more jabs too

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back in my day we used to have a word for that:


We really should push to make that word great again

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We went from being a bunch of tough dudes who escaped religious persecution by jumping on a boat and building their own new civilization, and conquering the world's most powerful colonizer because they overtaxed us to a bunch of queers dancing on a Chinese app that hosts pedophiles, human traffickers, and other sexual degenerates

What a sad state of affairs. Progressivism is a fucking disease

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Yea NPCs won't click a breitbart article, so I went to try and find a mainstream site that mentioned it... and none. Duckduckgo only recommends a NYpost article and a breitbart article

This is how idiots on reddit convince themselves shit like this isn't true. "Well there's no good source so I don't believe it"

Fuck the media

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Not impossible, but the likelihood is basically impossible

Nature is crazy, but nature doing something unique that just so happens to related to a company that made money off said unique thing that totally happened naturally is certainly interesting enough that it deserves serious discussion. We'll see where it goes but my guess is Fauci has already emailed his cronies to make these scientists look crazy

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Based but it didn't happen. These faggots invent traumatizing scenarios in their head so they can get victim points

I'm surprised everyone else in his voice chat did cheer and applaud when he finally gained the courage to mute them

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That's what was hilarious about most the shit they tried to dunk on him for. They didn't realize the things they hate about him are the things we loved about him so it usually wasn't a burn at all but pretty fucking dope

Like seriously, look at that picture and tell me Trump isn't going super saiyan on the libs. You can't.

Today's message has been brought to you by The Left Can't Meme

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Even if this was true, do they not realize republicans are voted in? Wasn't this the most safe and secure election of our lifetime? So by their logic the people want this "resistance" that doesn't exist, they just fucking suck at their job and most people hate them

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Only now (though I think most of Conroe still isn't his district), Most residents in Montgomery County did not vote for Crenshaw they voted for Kevin Brady. The redistricting made Crenshaw their rep and most aren't happy with him. He'll probably still win though because that's what RINOs do best sadly

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There's a few rich dumb liberals (inherited money) in The Woodlands but besides that Montgomery County is incredibly red. I have family who live there and called them about this and they already bought their tickets 🤣😂

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Saying there's no room for cargo would be a really thing to prove untrue. A simple drone across the street could do some footage. So either it's true and they don't have room or no one has done some of the most simplistic type of journalism ever to prove they're lying

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Downvoted to hell but what you say is 100% truth. If they wanted to depopulate the world with this vaccine they've done an absolute dogshit job of it. It would have to be 10x more deadly for any realistic depopulation scenario to actually work and even then it wouldn't be enough

Add to that the EU and WHO are saying "nah fuck getting vaccinated 4 times a year for covid" and their whole conspiracy falls flat on their face

Don't get me wrong, these people are evil. They're motivated by money and power, both of which are useless if they kill off all the normies who do the hard labor so they can live in luxury

It's absolute nonsense, and like you said it fucking helps these evil people because it's easy to point and say "look at these fucking retards, laugh at them" and the normies will listen because it's really fucking easy to prove this shit isn't killing nearly enough people for depopulation to be an attainable goal

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Friendly reminder new inflation number is 7% and will continue to grow but would have been significantly worse if Manchin didn't stand up to these evil assholes desperately trying to make our citizens government dependents. Largest inflation growth in 40 years and these fuck tards tried to push out what was originally a 6 trillion dollar bill.

You can Manchin for everything else, he deserves it. But he saved an even greater mess by putting his foot down. We have to contact our representatives and tell them STOP SPENDING MONEY WE DON'T HAVE

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It doesn't matter if it's real. The media and big tech have control of the narrative, if they don't want to have significance it won't have significance

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Of course they've known, where do you think Trump got the info?

Trump isn't a doctor, but he was president meaning he has access to the best of the best. They told him they've had good results with it and that's why he brought it up. It's not like Trump just threw some names of medicine into a hat and decided to champion whichever he picked. He was being briefed on this shit!!!

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These people legit think there's millions of active members in the KKK

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It depends just how bad the side effects have been. We know it's worse than what Vaers shows but how much worse? If it's not much worse more than enough people will willingly turn a blind eye "for the greater good"

Many more schemes would have to be uncovered for the general public to be convinced a truly evil conspiracy

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