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Iirc, the odds for Joe to win were like in the quadrillions. Lol the luckiest man in the history of existence?

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Iirc, didn't Pennsylvania manage a miraculous 140% voter turnout for Obama? Nobody seemed to care either.

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After they crash the economy, they don't want us eating the zoo animals for protein, like what happened in Venezuela.

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It's the mods who are to blame for this forum's rapid decline. I've spoken with numerous former users who were banned for doing nothing other than hurting some loser mod's feelings. Two of the users were/are diehard Trump supporters who got banned for "violating rule 1." Lol The mods lie and say that people "broke the rules" when they didn't and they make up rules out of thin air and say you "broke" them as well. This is why boomers should never be allowed to have any power anywhere. Everything is about feelings with them. This place is Mini-Reddit and is the reason I barely come here anymore.

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Nevada is last? I would have guessed California was last, since it's last on everything else and has more illegals than tax paying citizens.

ADL by Telia
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Oh so now it spew lies but not before. Ok

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"anti-vaxxers will be begging for the vaccine" GTFOH commie faggot.

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They weren't originally. But then, Marxists co-opted the rainbow for their evil degeneracy.

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I'm not sure how many are simps and how many are feds/shills but one thing is for certain... they're annoying at.

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How about instead, since the open borders scum are guilty of high treason, we just simply...

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He didn't vote hard enough, that's all. Next time it will work, it's guaranteed.

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Because "most Tweeters" are bots, scripted by Twitter to spread misinformation and propaganda.

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It's the ADL shills who downvote these posts and comments. They abhor truth and reality because it exposes their evil.

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Yeah, keep believing in your retarded fairy tales, fucktard.

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Plenty of fake MAGA, dipshit Tulsi simps on this site would vote for that bitch too.

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