Most people don't realize how easy it is to be an elected official in the Republican Party and some people don't know what a "central committee" is. Let me shed some light here:

The Central Committee in your county is often an invisible and thankless organization that none the less holds a lot of sway in the inter-party politics. They elect the national committee people, they help dictate policy behind the scenes, and have much greater access to politicians than your average person. It is an elected position and you generally need to file with your board of elections to join (vacancies are appointed mid-term by the chairman of the local republican party). It's boring, but it's something everyone should consider.

If there is no one else running you automatically get a four year term in the republican party (pretty cool right).

Now in some areas the central committees are filled with never trumpers and you can be part of the solution. If the never trumpers have been occupying your local party the good news is that central committee elections are held during primaries and since no one knows what the central committee does, the votes are fairly random. So even in a heavy republican area where never trumpers are fighting to be on the central committee you could get elected without doing a single thing by virtue of your name being randomly assigned at the top of the ballot.

There are no downsides to being a central committee member and I encourage EVERY ONE OF YOU READING THIS to register to join your local central committee.

p.s. you get a really cool plaque signed by your governor that you can hang on your wall with a fancy seal on it and everyone with think you are important when they see it!