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Can't wait if/until they try to pull this in my town in Illinois. It's an extreme melting pot. From gang bangers to lifted trucks with Trump flags flying. We all stay in our own lanes for the most part. When they bussed down joggers from Chicago during the summer of love to riot here the gangs shot at the busses while the store owners (liquor store) shot one of the rioters. It lasted about ten minutes before they left. Oh, and we had rooftop snipers on some of the shopping plazas.

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It's hilarious how people agree with a few things someone says and you retards say to stop sucking or doing something with their dick. Like how much gay porn do you watch daily for that to be your go to response?

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They tried to steal it for Killary in 2016 but did not expect such a turnout for Trump. Granted now they know to always boost the numbers extra.

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Woah! A post about a black dude on this site without all of the comments saying that we can't coexist with blacks. I'm astounded!

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Hey now, flipping a sign from 'stop' to 'slow' on a week day with hardly any cars on the road is a well deserved $40/hour. /s

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I can't begin to process how low of a point I would have to be at in my life to get upset over a picture of some random person's pantry. The fact that these people have not blown their own brains out is incredible.

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Going to have to argue against that one. Look at all the dindu joggers who can get away from cops while carrying a stolen merch bag. Kids jump more fences than their lost fathers jump women.

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I would move their if they were bussing in white people.

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I am in healthcare education. The amount of nurses I see and am like "Damn she's fine" then look down and see the covid sticker on their badge. They instantly become ugly as hell to me.

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I just like watching the left melt down as a black dude goes against what they tell him to believe. It provides good entertainment regardless.

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I can't stand electric cars but this is horse shit lmao.

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I skip all that and buy premium ass wipes. Have enough for a small platoon of soldiers. No one is going to want swamp ass when they are simultaneously fighting for their life.

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"Any girl over the age of 22 that doesn't have a ring on their finger is either a sociopath or a resident physician." - My uncle

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Lol exactly. Halts are put into place to protect the suits and fuck retail. It's hilarious watching AMC or GME go up 10%. They halt that shit IMMEDIATELY. As soon as they remove the halt they dump faster than you can blink. They don't even give a fuck about hiding it anymore.

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He is the reason I got into stocks and started killing it right off the bat. It really does work doing the opposite of what he says. Sold AMC at $65 with a $10 average when he said it was impossible. Completely furnished my first home from that popcorn stock with profit leftover.

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Lmao! I was actually so hyped to get to know my father-in-law. Cars are a huge passion for me and he ran/still runs his own shop and car lot. It may or may not have been a big deciding factor in my marriage 😂

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It is on every TV in every airport across America. Playing with no sound mind you. That's half of his views right there.

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