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All they are doing is sealing their own fate... There is nothing they can do we can't recover from.

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He's not really an entertainment personality, he can be hard to follow for some, but he's got a unique perspective on things from a Detectives perspective, he's really thorough in his research.

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I'm telling you bro!... Memories.

I remember we used to throw rock at each other and I got peened in the head, still have the scar!... Ah, those were the days.

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Yep! I rode my skateboarf and bikes with no helmet or pads, sure I wrecked from time to time, but like my Pop's alway's said... What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

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The fact this only has two updoots just tells me how ignorant many people are.

Everything he say's in this video is spot on.

We've been infiltrated by China... War is upon you.

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Liberals masturbate to this kind of shit.

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When I was a kid we never wore helmets or pads, we tumbled in mud and dirt, and stomped thru puddles like a true Pepe' should!

I laugh at these kids with helmets and bubble wrap for brains. XD

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It's called creating a standing Army... The Commies that took over the Government think they're going to go to war with the People and win.

Stupid Commies won't stop until they get shoved into a wood chipper.

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Well, maybe he'll wake up some of the Lefty's out of their stupor.

I guess anyone can change, we'll see.

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Jones has all kinds of advertisign and endorsement deals, not just his radio show. He's got a large and faithful audience, and they will buy whatever he endorses. So yes, he can recover, it will just take some time. He will be much better prepared for this kind of thing in the future, that's for sure.

Like putting some money in some off shore investments for one.

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Nope... Their too ignorant to understand they were cheated out of an education.

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Toss away the demons of race, creed, color, and all the things they use to instill fear into the masses and we can unite together and eradicate these Commie fucks from the face of the Earth... Forever.

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Well it started a few years ago when the General started tossing around the slogan 'The Salty Army is Legion', there really are no leaders in the Salty Army, everyone contributes to the cause in their own way and we put on a unified front. Not everyone can take Salty's approach, which is fine, because their are others they can relate to, like Dr. Steve Turlye, or Liberal Hivemind, or Let's be Frank, Mark Dice, America Floats, etc. etc. To put it simply, if your a patriotic Meme Lord, you are part of the Salty Army, you are part of broad spectrum legion and you hold the same or similar values as we do here on Patriots.win aka; TheDonald.win.... Even if you're an old crusty fudd like me. ;)

Carry on soldier. REEEEEE!!!!

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