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Read the rest of the tweets for more information.

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Nothing to see here.

It's all a coincidence.

C'mon Man

Everybody go shopping.

Time to get a life

Real Americans fall in line

Yes we can

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They bragged when the market was doing well, but now they'll say, predictably, that the President has nothing to with the ups and downs on Wallstreet.

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Also -

1 - They capitalized 'black' and kept 'white' lowercase. This means they're racist.

2 - They're using non-gender pronouns(birth-givers), but don't know that 'maternal' means 'mother'. This means they're idiots.

3 - No one is being forced to give birth. This means they're liars.

Fuck you if you don't do what they(Gov't) tell you!


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This is exactly it.

No more needs to be said.

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100's, not the millions that have been pouring over the border state's borders, for decades, so please, STFU Democrats.

They finally have to feel the burden they created and then have the balls to cry about it?

Fuck. Off.

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These numbers are too damn low!

We all know they're much higher.

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The epitome of the woke leftist starter kit

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It's one thing to serve a warrant, etc. to a non- violent person by handing it to them. It's something else completely when you treat them like a previously convicted terrorist, as a way to try to intimidate them.

What was Mike Lindell going to do? Jump out and try to smother them with pillows? GTFO of here with that garbage.

This wasn't needed, nor were the various other armed raids against government officials and business people. These people aren't career criminals or terrorists. They're simply people from the other political party.

When all is said and done, I hope any and all people participating in these gestapo-like tactics are sitting behind bars, for a long, long time.

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If this were an NFT It'd be the only one worth owning and it'd be worth trillions!

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Yeah, I'm not buying what you're drinking.

I will say there is an inner-city culture of violence that is responsible for the overwhelming majority of violence, murder, mayhem, and it's not white people.

I also know that a disproportionate amount of black people commit the majority of crime, per govt stats, but I'm not willing to lump everyone together because there's tens of millions more who are good people, and share my values.

It's ridiculous to say it's their fault that they don't speak out. Plenty do, but it changes nothing and no one cares.

I can differentiate, you choose not to.

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So you hate Dr Been Carson, Larry Elder, etc? There's disliking certain sects of people/culture, and then there's just being a racist piece of shit. Seems you're the latter.

There are racial hustlers, political opportunists, and garbage people, but that isn't just a black thing. You can hate me for saying all of this, but IDGAF what some racist garbage lowlife thinks.

There's a ton of black people who share my values and voted for Trump. This movement doesn't need losers like you.

Fuck off

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FYI, UPS workers max out their pay in under 4 years at just over $40/hr, straight time. With OT most drivers make six figures.

Also, as an ex-USPS worker, we also had no ac and the vehicles are 20F hotter inside than outside, but there was never any talk of a strike.

UPS drivers can drive around with their doors open to keep it cooler.

USPS carriers can get fired for driving around with their doors open unless you're delivering on a route.

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Everyone from this point on should be doing this, for it is truly awesome.

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Bald: check

Blind: check

Fat: check

Low testosterone: check

Lives on soy: check

Still doing its part to virtue-signal

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Let him say what he wants. He's destroying himself on a daily basis with what he's saying.

He's preaching to the choir, very small, and converting absolutely no one.

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November 6, 2020 -

Joe Biden calls on America to come together: "Let's put the anger and demonization behind us"

Source -

August 2021 -

Biden administration - Republicans are a threat to Democracy

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Remember when the people driving electric cars bragged and laughed at all of us for having to pay high gas prices?

Pepperidge Farm remembers

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