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This plus Bidenflation, high prices on everything else, and housing costs through the roof should equate to the absolute death of the Democrat party.

Biden said no new taxes for people making under $400k, but with everything above, it's the highest tax increase in history, for the average American.

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Wu-Kang Clan

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Bought my house in 2019 for $400k. Just sold it for $800k.

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Seems he was LARPing to become some kind of edgelord super hero, in his own mind. Probably had no idea on who he was, in his heart of hearts. Just some lost psycho lashing out for attention. It's too bad innocent people had to die over it.

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He is not right wing, by reading his own words.

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The average income was almost half of what the average new house cost.


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Photo exif editor

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The video perfectly demonstrates the epic cowardice of politicians.

by Bullgod
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Read the comments. Ratio'd AF

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People don't understand why bots are such a big deal, beyond fake crypto bumping. The media companies take a fake story, flood interactions with thousands of bots to them make the stories huge and relevant. Other media companies pick it up and push it forward, creating a false narrative from complete lies. The fact checkers then come in and, boom, what started as a lie is now a fact, the consensus, and protected from any push-back.

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Evan McMullin is a massively anti-Trump, establishment RINO, and a total POS. F that guy. He might as well be a Democrat.

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Libs of Tiktok has a better case for suing the doxing idiot than the ones who sued Alex Jones for posting his opinions.

Doxing is serious. Offering your opinion is not.

Also, anyone doxing others should be doxed back. That would put an end to it.

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