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His dumb ass comes here, doesn't know/understand the shit we give each other, goes on twitter, cries like a bitch, then gets torn to pieces, and gives in.

This shows you the lack of conviction he has, as he gives in when it effects his likes and bottom line.

Fucking shill

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I'm from Alaska, and I've been to most of the amazing national parks, but After Denali National Park, the Tetons are my second pick, and are in Wyoming, not Idaho.

They're just six miles south of Yellowstone, so check out both.

Btw, Papasitos is my favorite restaurant ever, seeing as you're in Texas.

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Every time I hear someone at work say, "we're family" I cringe and roll my eyes. We aren't, and will never be anything near what a family is. It's more corporate-speak, than anything else. Only idiots regurgitate that crap.

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Reading some of the responses on Twitter is really annoying. The idiots cheering on the police. They should meet the same fate as the tyrannical government.

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Sounds like it's a tribute to those who immigrated legally, assimilated, and contributed.

Hopefully it's not full of virtue-signaling over those who ignore our laws, come in illegally, and leech off of hardworking taxpayers because fuck those people.

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Grohl has always been an elitist, passing himself off as a regular guy. He was no one in Nirvana, and the Foo Fighters are only a thing because he was a background guy in Nirvana. He grew a beard because he has no chin, just like he has no balls.

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IDK, that .06 chance of dying is worth injecting experimental gene therapy, with spike proteins, into your body, to save all of the vaccinated people you encounter.

Think of the children!!!!!


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I don't agree with a lot of what he says, but I agree with him on things like this. He dunks on his own party more than anything else, and he's right to do so. He's a lefty who I could actually have a productive conversation with, which is near impossible, these days.

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This is the funniest thing he ever did, IMO. It's not political at all, but funny as fuck!

Norm on gay pride - the pay off is huge!


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Fuck, I had no idea. RIP to one of the funniest people ever and a forever truthteller!

Seriously sad news, as he's one of the only comedians who never sold out, and never gave a fuck what anyone thought.

He was a man among children, in his chosen profession.

Seriously sad

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What's amazing is no one is surprised, and the citizens won't hold officials accountable.

In the past, situations like this resulted in very bad things for those in-charge. Citizens have become too polite, which has emboldened those in-charge.

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Looks like a Band-aid folded squarely, and stuck to itself.

by Bullgod
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The bigger cop is worthless. He's lucky the younger cop saved his life.

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This has most of the recordings from the planes, FAA/NORAD, terrorists talking over the plane mics, and a really eerie sounding cockpit fight. Probably the Flight 93 Shankstown heroes.

It's the closest thing to listening to a movie of what transpired with full rolling transcripts of what you're listening to.

3:54 Emergency call for American 11.

16:40 Filtered message from terrorist.

18:57 First crash. American 11.

30:51 Suggestions about American 11 hitting the World Trade Center.

33:50 Communications with United 175.

35:18 United 175 losses communication.

39:44 Second crash. United 175.

42:08 Boston airlines get shut down for the day.

49:01 American 77 losses communication.

1:28:51 Fight inside United 93.

1:38:20 Fourth crash. United 93.

1:42:59 Order to shoot airplanes if they are not responding.

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The day before my birthday, which was never the same afterwards.

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This should be the photo, in the dictionary, next to the word, 'based'.

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You, and your convictions, illustrate what sets us apart from them. By 'them' I mean the indoctrinated, soulless Lilliputians on the left.

Most of them have no career, family, love, and go after us, because we have everything they lack.

I'm sure you'll bounce back, or your old company will come back, begging. Either way, you're going to create your own luck, and be successful.

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