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It's funny how they say our power grid can barely handle what we have now, but they want to throw millions of EVs onto it.

Now, if I was smart, which I'm not accord to the left cause I don't worship them, I'd think that they're trying to crash the grid on purpose.

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There's lots wrong with them now.

In the future? They could be good. I'll buy one if I want to. Which is how it should be

Being told what I can and cannot buy car wise by an ever expanding government? No thank you, go fuck yourself Joe.

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That doesn't exempt him from being a faggot

One can be a faggot and a puppet

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I bet most of you faggots would rather we have 4 more years of Biden than have anyone other than Trump win the Republican primary.

YOURE part of the problem

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Soros never endorsed DeSantis you twat

He said nearly the same thing about Trump, but you all didn’t jump all over it.

I’ve been telling you all for months, they will NEVER let Trump be president again

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Elections haven’t been fixed. They will not let Trump win. He won’t ever be president again The democrats did this to rally people to Trump so he’d win the nomination cause he’s way easier to beat than DeSantis

Get off the hopium, there will be no landslide for Trump. Everyone here seems they’d rather have 4 more years of Biden than give anyone else a shot from the GOP side.

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They could have just said stress instead of adding in racism etc.

Racism and other shit aren’t the only reasons for stress and to specifically mention it as a reason for stress, is basically saying other forms of stress aren’t that bad or aren’t that important.

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But not EVERYONE who takes it gets injured or dies. We hear about those but we don’t hear about the other millions who have had no issues

I’m not saying it’s not killing and hurting people, but to say everyone who takes it is going to die or be injured is not remotely correct

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People are dying and getting hurt from them but people on here make it seem like if you have them, it’s gonna kill you. Millions have the shots and not all of them have injuries or have died from them.

There’s some kind of common factor they all have that’s contributing to this

So a lot on here think everyone who gets a shot or boosters are gonna die but that’s simply not true. Everyone in my family minus myself, my brother and mom have gotten at least 1 shot and it’s been over a year and none of them have had any sort of issues and that includes all but like 2 being up to date on boosters

It happens but it’s not the 100% kill/damage rate like a lot on here act like.

I think they’re doing damage but we should try to find the common factor they have other than taking the shot. There has to be something interacting with the shot to do this. If it was solely the shot, everyone who takes it would have issues but only like 30% do, if that much.

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Soros is a holocaust survivor like David Hogg is a Parkland survivor

Plus, I don’t consider anyone a Holocaust survivor if they never were put into a camp.

I may be wrong but I’m pretty sure there was a fairly big Jewish division of the Gestapo in Poland

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A large percentage of the slaves brought to America were already slaves to black African slave masters.

The whole “kidnapped and enslaved” thing is bs, unless you’re talking about what Arabs did. They’re why medieval cities were fortified.

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So, he’s running as a Republican, which means he needs republicans to vote for him to win, and a vast majority of republicans are Trump supports so this dumbasses plan is to tell people to beat Trump supporters? What’s with Trump haters and their penchant for attacking voters, both verbally and physically?

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Lots of young black kids are picked on by other blacks solely cause they want to do well in school and are told they’re acting white.

It’s not the man or whitey holding blacks back, it’s themselves.

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He invented hundreds of ways to use peanuts but not peanut butter.

American dad did a whole episode on this saying Lincoln’s wife invented it during one of her crazy spells but they gave Carver the credit to “heal” the nation. It’s not true, but it’s more true than Carver inventing it

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Oh yeah, the guy is in bed with the establishment so much that they don’t run hit piece after hit piece on him.

Oh wait, they are doing exactly that. STFU

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So, all you Putin simps on here are gonna be mad that Putin arrest political opponents when?

Arresting political opponents is banana republic shit and the Dems and Putin are equal on that case. Both make up fake charges. It’s been a communist tactic for decades. “Find me the man, I can find you the crime.”

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Yup. Step daughters share no blood relation. Nieces do.

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