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I love seeing this site on his screen during his streams.

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If you can be removed from the military, because you won't take a dangerous, ineffective experimental gene therapy, you should sure as fuck be removed for having a severe mental illness, not coddled.

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Yah, but they are only thupposed to tell joketh about redneckth, and Christians, thith white maleth, and Drumph! Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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Guess what increasing the cost of materials and labor increases the cost of? If they understood basic economics they wouldn't be communists.

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Remember how the shutdown wasn't affecting anyone negatively, so the Obama Regime had to intentionally spend more money trying to make it more painful, such as shutting down outdoor parks and monuments?

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We want their narrative getting out, so people see how stupid it is. They don't want our narrative getting out, because it shows their narrative is wrong.

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Except for that soyboy Clinesmith. No major legal jeopardy. Just a slap on the wrist for him. Didn't even lose his law license for long. Two tiered system of "justice".

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No. Mentally ill people should still compete against members of their own sex.

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Exactly. Don't think it was recorded, but leaked she said that. I could be wrong though. Been a long time.

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