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The heart-hands is a great touch ❤️

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Egg prices story got WAY more traction than they were expecting

This kind of fake news headline gets two birds stoned at once: misinforms the public to reduce demand for eggs and misinform the public about possible sources of sudden death other than the clot shot

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It's telling that he's the only one they never leveled phony prosecution against until now.

Why now you ask?

Because villainy shared is villainy halved.

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Just talkin' 'bout tranny shaft


... no but seriously fuck these moms.

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Fake news called it a car crash, but it was actually a heart attack while driving.

Makes you wonder how many other deaths are really vax but deliberately mislabeled

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Tell your liberal friends Xiden and company had to alter the definitions so hard that Campbell's Soup is now, by definition, a vaccine.

They won't believe you.

Remind them that soup does not prevent contracting or carrying disease, but it does reduce the symptoms.

Tell them to be on the lookout for other words Dems are destroying.

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Got mine.

Wish I hadn't.

I've known THREE, yes THREE people who needed emergency heart surgery after getting it. Another nearly lost her baby.

What sucks is, like trans regret, you're not allowed to say you regret the high cost of following leftist advice.

At least I never had any of my kids get it. I knew I was going to be the guinea pig. I wanted that.

Now I hope I only live long enough to see them reach adulthood.

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No longer legal / vs illegal

Now it's "illegal depending if you use it in a way we don't like"

They've gone full fucking Waco-retarded this time

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They will not even permit him to hear the questions for fear he may answer.

Who the fuck is running this country?

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Hijacking top comment to remind people: this kind of media control and spin damage control ABSOLUTELY constitutes an illegal campaign contribution.

Remember they tried to say Reagan/ Bush was an illegal campaign contribution just to get a radio interview with both those candidates and no one else.

What the FUCK would they say about this moment here??

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IIRC he has fought cancer.

Rest brother.

We'll keep up the meme war.

by Tesic
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Tell me Democrats aren't getting any donations from the public without telling me Democrats aren't getting any donations from the public

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There it is.

Or let's say the vehicle hit a person, they need to swap and engine or glass and the numbers would no longer match or something.

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Unironically: TWO WORLD WARS ✌️

... And if there's ever a WWIII, it'll probably be there too.

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At his age I was getting caught up with these man-eaters too

And I never even survived/beat a liberal lynch mob.

If he keeps his head on he should be fine

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Hijacking this comment


I've handed out sooooo many red pills to people asking this in my liberal city. Remind them that

Today, right this second, every single girl and woman in Afghanistan are enslaved because of his weakness. He fled and left $86 billion dollars of US weapons behind to be captured by the Taliban.

Every girl in that country was told you will not be permitted to attend school past the 6th grade, or you're going to be killed. And those are with weapons we gave them to do that.

For WEEKS you heard news reports covering a Trump baby balloon some trolls flew in England. Headline news, right? Biden was formally and officially condemned on the floor of British parliament AND by Canada for allowing that many military assets to fall into the hands of the worst terrorists and allowing every Afghani girl and woman to be put into slavery. Tonight a little girl is crying over there longing for freedom, but Biden armed the men outside.

But the democrats pet news agencies told you to forget that, and so you forgot it.

They walk away shook, I'm serious

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YouTube and Facebitch BAN transition regret videos.

You think hearing from teens who went down the woke rabbit hole and signed up for elective double mastectomy for girls, castration for boys, at an age where they couldn't even get a tattoo ... would be relevant to the trans discussion.

But no, they ban it. Because the end goal is to disrupt the American family as much as possible.

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He should walk into the meeting

Immediately fire everyone there

On the pink slip list in giant 125 pt font


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Ann Coulter Rule in Effect: the longer it take media to announce his race, the lower the odds the person is White.

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Only Dems could refuse voter ID but still want globalist passports.

If it wasn't for double standards...

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