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This man is a time traveler

He can see the future perfectly

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God if we can find his source, I'm printing these shirts and selling at cost

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That nosey democrat who calls the cops when you load your AR into your car to go to the range?

They wouldn't bat an eye at a Mini-14.

  • Same caliber.

  • Same capacity.

  • Same rate of fire.

But it's not black and scary with the thing that flips up ...

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You can beat the switch lie with two facts:

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Well, his first fight (I believe depicted in this picture) he shattered the girl's right orbital in the very first round.

I use to love posting that on Reddit, because it red pills normies HARD and makes leftists instantly fight each other.

Eventually the mods got wise, any discussion of Fox Fallon instantly locks a thread.

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Import 3rd world people

End up with 3rd world problems

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That's a weird way of saying 1/3 of side effects are confirmed

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  • he was a reverend, he loved God

  • he loved his guns and applied for a license to carry a pistol for protection, which Democrats denied

  • was murdered by a democrat

  • Yesterday Joe Biden said George Floyd was more influential than Dr. King

How long until they're tearing down his statutes?

Mark my words, they're coming to cancel MLK Jr. next.

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Because "people of color" have a protected status.

Any show of defense against them is a hate crime. FFS Nick Sandmann was all bit crucified for standing still and smiling!

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Remember when the source was "a person familiar with his thinking"

Such a fuckin' joke

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Fair enough but OP better not screw up

She won't be single long!

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Now the very first thing you gotta do with all brand new firearms: as quickly as possible you want to get a nice loooong scratch up the side of that sumbitch

That way you don't have to worry about it anymore.

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